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New details in murder of former cult leader

A 16-year-old murder suspect told police he decided to beat up and rob Brian Brinson because of the way the older man had touched him in November, according to court documents released this morning.

Zeven Devon Sanders, 16, wrote in his statement to police: “The plan was to beat up Bryan because the way he had touched me before. Devante and I decided since we were going to beat him we might as well take his money. I figured Bryan would have money on him and I needed sixty dollars to try and get back to Fort Worth so I could see my mom. I assumed because Bryan was a white guy he would have money. Devante and I did not want to kill anyone.”

It was unclear today whether police had confirmed Sanders’ story about being touched by Brinson in November.

Brinson was a registered sex offender, according to the Texas Sex Offender Registory. He was convicted in 2002 in Oregon for the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy.

He also was convicted in 1989 in Oregon in connection with the beating death of an 8-year-old girl on the Ecclesia Athletic Association’s farm in Clackamas County, Ore. The Ecclesia Athletic Association has been described by some as a cult.