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Religious cult ties family care to gag order

Exclusive Brethren cult leader Bruce Hale The Exclusive Brethren sect has attempted to prevent a sick 85-year-old former member from revealing her terrible life story by saying that if she remained silent she could be reunited before she dies with the children she was separated from 28 years ago.

Alison Alderton’s family was torn apart at the order of the sect’s world leader in 1980, and she has barely had contact with her children, who are “in fellowship”, since.

Exclusive Brethren sect claims it is being villified

Bruce Hale, the so-called Elect Vessel, leads the Exclusive Brethren The Exclusive Brethren — a cult of Christianity — has accused Australian Greens leader Bob Brown of vilifying its church and members.

Senator Brown yesterday urged the Upper House to conduct a wide-ranging inquiry into the activities of the Exclusive Brethren sect, saying it had prevented thousands of young Australians proceeding to tertiary education.

Religious sect takes over school

Under Brethren rules, members are not allowed to watch TV, read newspapers or take out life insurance, and until recently the internet was also banned. In one of their most controversial doctrines, members who leave are split from their families forever – and parents shun their own children.