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Swiss woman on spiritual diet starved while ‘eating’ only light

light A woman living in the east of Switzerland who believed she could survive on light alone was found starved to death, it has emerged.

Anna Gut started her long preparations for the process by reading a book by another proponent of “breatharianism”, 54-year-old Australian Ellen Greve, who also goes by the name Jasmuheen, or eternal air.

France keeps watch on ‘breatharian’ retreat

French authorities have put a retreat organised by Australian self-styled guru Ellen Greve under surveillance, the Le Parisien newspaper reports. The newspaper says the authorities are worried that it is a dangerous cult that has had a role in the deaths of three people around the world. Jean-Michel Roulet, the head of the French Government’s anti-sect unit Miviludes, has told the newspaper that the prolonged fasting preached by Ms Greve is “aberrant”. Mr Roulet says Ms Greve’s group has used “a veritable attack on an individual’s freedom by way of mental manipulation”. A seminar in the south-eastern village of Devesset

Police dismiss cult death reports

BBC, Dec. 10, 2002 Police have dismissed reports that a woman who was found dying in a remote bothy in Sutherland belonged to a cult. Thirty-nine-year-old Cambridge graduate Margaret Davies, from Essex, was found by two shepherds in the Cape Wrath shelter suffering from hypothermia. Ms Davies was discovered on Thursday lying in the Kearvaig bothy and was airlifted by Stornoway Coastguard to the Western Isles Hospital, but died on Saturday. Her death is not being treated as suspicious and police confirmed there was a note inside asking for food. Spiritual energy Media speculation suggested that she may have

Swallowing air

The breatharians eat light — real light Maybe crystals do strengthen your aura. Maybe magnets do cure lower back pain. Giving up food and water forever, though, is just silly. And deadly. Other than that, breatharianism, the practice of living off air and light alone, has some unbelievable benefits. After a week without food or water, Steve Torrence claims he broke through to the extraordinary energy and strength described by the breatharians. The 37-year-old Florida musician says he and his wife are into their fourth food-free year (they drink a glass or two of fruit juice each week for fun)