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Branch Davidians See Conspiracy in Highway Project

The Branch Davidians may be best known for its 51-day standoff that ended in the deaths of four federal agents, and a blaze that engulfed its church and killed 80 members. In the ashes of that debacle, the Branch Davidians have built a new church, adopted a new leader and found a new confrontation: a major Texas highway that threatens their land.

Assault on Waco: Discovery Channel documentary

Discovery Channel goes in-depth with the ATF undercover agent who infiltrated the Branch Davidians, the FBI Lead Negotiator at Mount Carmel, federal officials and surviving Davidians for ASSAULT ON WACO, a brand-new documentary premiering Sunday, September 17 at 9 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel, revealing exactly how David Koresh was tipped off to an impending raid on his compound. Exclusive footage of Koresh with his children and dramatizations based on extensive interviews and research bring viewers inside the Waco compound to experience life with the influential leader and recreate the FBIs psychological intimidation techniques and aggressive efforts before and