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Cartoonist faces Greek jail for blasphemy

He meant it as a piece of religious satire, a playful look at the life of Jesus. But Gerhard Haderer’s depiction of Christ as a binge-drinking friend of Jimi Hendrix and naked surfer high on cannabis has caused a furore that could potentially land the cartoonist in jail. Haderer did not even know that his book, The Life of Jesus, had been published in Greece until he received a summons to appear in court in Athens in January charged with blasphemy. He was given a six-month suspended sentence in absentia, but if he loses his appeal next month his sentence

No action on ‘gay Jesus’ – police

Police investigating a controversial theatre production which depicts Jesus as homosexual have said they will be taking no further action at the moment. Christian Voice has labelled Corpus Christi, now playing in St Andrews, a “hate-filled mockery”. A member of the prayer group lodged a complaint of blasphemy with Fife police after walking out of the play on its opening night on Thursday. However, the director of Corpus Christi defended her version of the play. The piece by American playwright Terence McNally is being staged by student company Zuloo and is sold out at The Crawford Arts Centre until its

Artist Hirst opens religion show

Controversial British artist Damien Hirst opens a show examining God and religion in London on Wednesday. The show, Romance in the Age of Uncertainty at London’s White Cube Gallery, is reportedly based on the life of Jesus and his disciples. The exhibition includes cow heads with metal instruments sticking out, and a glass cabinet full of bloody medical instruments. It also includes Prodigal Son, Hirst’s famous 1994 piece of a cow cut in half. “Hirst’s new religious works reveal the uncertainty at the heart of human experience and the attendant quest for meaning,” the exhibition brochure says. The exhibition includes