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Oldest known Bible to go online

A manuscript containing the oldest known Biblical New Testament in the world is set to enter the digital age and become accessible online. A team of experts from the UK, Europe, Egypt and Russia is currently digitising the parchment known as the Codex Sinaiticus, believed originally to have been one of 50 copies of the scriptures commissioned by Roman Emperor Constantine after he converted to Christianity. The Bible, which is currently in the British Library in London, dates from the 4th Century. The Bible Bible versions English Bible Translation Comparison’s Bible Finder Bible contradictions and difficulties Additional research resources

Zondervan puts new spin on an old favorite, the Bible

GRAND RAPIDS — Forget Genesis. At the trend-setting publishing house Zondervan — where Bibles are the firm’s business, although not its only one — the latest version of the greatest story ever told begins not with Genesis but with this chapter heading: CREATION: Things Started Out Great. One snappy chapter later, the obvious question is raised directly: What Went Wrong? And the language updating includes some Old Testament erotica, as in this passage: “Now Joseph was well-built and handsome, and after a while his master’s wife took notice of Joseph and said, “Come to bed with me.” The Bible Bible

Daniel B. Wallace responds to article on ‘the number of the Beast’

As a professor of New Testament whose specialty is textual criticism, I was particularly interested in Chris Wattie’s piece, “Beast’s real mark devalued to ‘616’” (May 4, 2005). However, I noticed several errors in the essay, some of which I know from first-hand knowledge of the manuscript in question. First, the papyrus fragment is not 1500 years old. It is closer to 1700+ years old. Second, the fragment was not so badly discoloured that scholars could not make out the wording without sophisticated imaging equipment. Such equipment–such as multi-spectral imaging (MSI)–is often used on manuscripts that are in very bad

Beast’s real mark devalued to ‘616’

Satanists, apocalypse watchers and heavy metal guitarists may have to adjust their demonic numerology after a recently deciphered ancient biblical text revealed that 666 is not the fabled Number of the Beast after all. A fragment from the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament, dating to the Third century, gives the more mundane 616 as the mark of the Antichrist. Ellen Aitken, a professor of early Christian history at McGill University, said the discovery appears to spell the end of 666 as the devil’s prime number. “This is a very nice piece to find,” Dr. Aitken said. “Scholars have

Revelation! 666 is not the number of the beast

Revelation! 666 is not the number of the beast (it’s a devilish 616) A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it’s actually the far less ominous 616. See Also Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D. – Executive Director of The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts – responds to another article on this subject The new fragment from the Book of Revelation, written in ancient Greek and dating from the

Rewritten Bible banishes saints

For readers of the Bible confused by its archaic language, such as its use of the term “stoned” for a form of execution rather than the effects of smoking dope, help is at hand. One of the world’s most widely read Bibles, the New International Version, has been modernised by a team of 15 American and British scholars and is published today. Gone is the word “aliens”, which the academics thought was invariably associated in the minds of the younger generation with extra-terrestrials. It is replaced with “foreigners”. The Bible Bible Contradictions and Other Bible Difficulties Bible interpretation Lost books

Jesus is everywhere — except pages of Rolling Stone

Jann Wenner and his minions at Rolling Stone magazine can print — or not print — whatever their little hearts desire. Therein lies the beauty and the blessing of a free press. But while the powers that be at Mr. Wenner’s venerable rock ‘n’ roll pop culture publication were well within their rights (legal or otherwise) when they refused to run a half-page advertisement for a new translation of the Bible, they also were thoroughly shortsighted. The offending advertisement was a high-concept number from Zondervan, the Christian publishing behemoth in Grand Rapids, Mich., that has a new translation of the

And the word is ‘update’

Advertising isn’t the only challenge facing Today’s New International Version of the Bible. The complete Bible will arrive in stores in mid-February. But when the TNIV New Testament was released in 2002, it was attacked by some scholars who said it didn’t just update language; it tampered with theology. And 118 critics signed a letter listing their complaints. For Christians, every word change is measured against the Scripture’s purpose: to guide a reader’s life in this world by the light of God and to give readers the prospect of eternal life by bringing them, through Jesus, to salvation. Because each

Getting the Bible back to its roots

New Pentateuch translation from original Hebrew meanings LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) — It is considered the most magisterial opening in English literature: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” But now a major revisionist translation of the Bible would have the cosmos begin with a more conversational clause: “When God began to create heaven and earth … “ The Bible Bible versions English Bible Translation Comparison’s Bible Finder Bible contradictions and difficulties Additional research resources on the Bible And where the King James translation of Genesis had the earth begin “without form and void,” the new

Dutch Bible translation slammed as ‘too modern’

AMSTERDAM — A new Dutch translation of the Bible to be published on Wednesday has attracted sharp criticism for being too modern and differing too much from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. The New Bible Translation (De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling) was to be unveiled in Rotterdam on Wednesday and launched in Antwerp for the Belgian market on Friday. Ten years in the making, the publication is intended to offer a standard translation for the entire Dutch-language region. Well-known Dutch priests Huub Oosterhuis and Nico ter Linden claim the attempt to translate the bible into Dutch language has come at the