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Aramaic-English Bible Translation Draws Criticism

(CBS 11 News) There are many versions of the Holy Bible ranging from the King James Version (KJV) to The Message Bible. Few, however, have garnered as much controversy as one bible, translated from Aramaic to English. As depicted in the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” Jesus and his disciples spoke in Aramaic. Many believed Jesus spoke an ancient form of Aramaic that is not spoken today. The closest Aramaic to the biblical dialect is said to exist in only a few corners of the world. Although most theologians agree that the apostles’ native tongue was Aramaic, they still

Strine slang Bible a hit in secular Australia

Its publishers say it makes the original message easier to understand. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA “Out of the blue God knocked up the whole bang lot…. God said ‘let’s have some light’ and bingo … light appeared.” So opens the new second volume in the popular “Aussie Bible” series. The initial installment of the Good News told in Australian slang has sold more than 100,000 copies since 2003 – this in a country where sales of 18,000 or more qualify a book as a bestseller. The 90-page phenomenon was promoted as a “ripping yarn about Jesus of Nazareth” in which Mary was

Bible Society Turns Down Bible Printing Request

(AP) CORONA, Calif. Two Corona pastors who minister to the adult film industry have hit a roadblock in their crusade. Their publishing company is refusing to print bibles with the brand “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” emblazoned on the cover. Pastors Mike Foster and Craig Gross are the founders of the anti-porn Internet ministry They hand out copies of the New Testament at adult film conventions. They thought putting an edgy cover on the bibles could get them attention and increase their distribution. So they paid the American Bible Society (ABS) to print 10,000 copies of the Scriptures. But the

100,000 copies of new Bible sold

A compact version of the Bible has sold 100,000 copies since it was unveiled at Canterbury Cathedral last September. The 100-Minute Bible was edited by the Reverend Michael Hinton, from Dover, in Kent, who said it could be read in less than two hours. It has been launched in Australia and will be heading for the US and Canada. Mr Hinton said its success was down to good publicity and the title. “The intention was to provide a gateway to the Bible as a whole,” he explained. Translations planned The 100-Minute Bible was written as a page-turner for those who

Exhibit examines the evolution of the Bible

The Bible‘s evolution from ancient Hebrew to modern languages and from clay tablets to printed books is a rich lesson in the history of civilizations, the origins of the written word and the revolution of printing. The story of how the text of the Bible has been written and disseminated through the centuries is recounted in a new exhibition at the Florida International Museum in St. Petersburg that boasts artifacts as rare and priceless as they come, among them bits of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a fragment of the Gospel of John dating to about 250 A.D., a 1455 Gutenberg

Textbook aims to teach Bible with no religion

As lead attorney for the American Jewish Congress, Marc Stern has been at the forefront of keeping religious activities out of public classrooms. But now he is singing the praises of a new textbook to introduce public school students to the Bible and its influence on culture. “I think they’ve done a very good job, and surprisingly so. It is very difficult to write a neutral textbook about something as freighted with meaning as the Bible,” he said. If “The Bible and Its Influence” is used as recommended by its publisher, there will be no grounds to sue, said Mr.

University to banish ‘discriminatory’ Holy Book into wilderness

Edinburgh University is set to ban Bibles from its student halls of residence amid concern that the Holy Book is “discriminatory” and makes students of other faiths feel unwelcome. The move is the result of protests from the students’ association and is being considered in an effort to pursue a policy of “evenly supporting all faiths”, a university spokesman said yesterday. A Gideon Bible is traditionally placed in every new student’s room at the start of the academic year and there are currently around 2,000 Bibles in the Pollock Halls campus on the edge of Holyrood Park. Their distribution is

In da Bginnin God cre8d SMS

It’s the New-Textament An Australian Christian group has created a version of the Bible in text-speak so church-goers can spread The Word via mobile phone. The SMS Bible changes the holy book’s famous first line to “In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth.” Bible Society scripture director George Rodriguez said the project was a way of bringing the book into the 21st Century. “We’ve been careful to stay true to the Bible,” he said. “We didn’t want to alter its message in any way and we never abbreviated any names. “The response has been amazing.” Mr Rodriguez

‘100-minute Bible’ is launched

Ideal for plane journey, say creators LONDON, England — A new version of the Bible — which, according to its author, can be read in 100 minutes — was launched in Britain Wednesday. The 100-Minute Bible, which says it summarizes every teaching from the Creation to the Revelation, was unveiled at Canterbury Cathedral by author the Rev. Michael Hinton. Publishers The 100-Minute Press say the book is “ideal for for an upcoming rail or aeroplane journey.” “The 100-Minute Bible is a new way of looking at the Bible,” says a statement on the publishers’ Web site.” It has been written