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‘Suicide is always a tragedy’

Online feature: Dr Kelly’s faith The little-known Bahai religion has been catapulted to national attention by the Kelly affair. But followers fear their religion could be misrepresented as a pro-suicide cult. So what do they really believe? The Guardian (England), July 27, 2003 Ben Whitford Dr Kelly’s conversion to the Bahai faith four years before his suicide has catapulted a previously obscure religion into the media spotlight. Now some adherents, frustrated by speculation that the religion’s stance on suicide might have played a part in Kelly’s death, argue that their beliefs are being misrepresented. “Dr Kelly was very active

Despite Grave Danger, Iran s Bahais Study at Underground University, May 21, 2003 Sitting in an austere Tehran living room, her clammy hands threatening to soil her answer sheet, Sahar R. knew that it was not the usual fear of academic failure that was causing her a bout of “examination nerves.” It was the terror that security officials from unknown quarters of the Iranian government might swoop into the nondescript living room, where a small group of teenagers sat furiously scribbling their undergraduate tests in the early 1990s, that set her heart racing. For if she was caught, the punishment was something the studious undergraduate preferred not to