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Bush’s win leaves Indian astrologers shocked!

With George W Bush returning as US president for a second term, Indian astrologers who predicted that the stars and planets favoured John Kerry are somewhat red-faced. New Delhi-based astrologers SR Krishnamurti and Lachhman Das Madan, who had forecast a win for Kerry, were hard put to explain what went wrong. “The sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Mercury, which was in operation for Senator Kerry for the last five-sixth months, appears to have been not strong enough to take him to victory,” said Krishnamurti, who not only predicted a Kerry win, but had also said he would

Stars and signs forever

Ptolemy, Kepler, and other great astronomers were astrologers on the side. Has modern science really banished the soothsayer for good? Every day, tens of millions of Americans read their horoscopes. The predictions of love and wealth are, if not reassuring, at least diverting. The personality profiles — based on the division of the night sky into 12 houses, each carrying a myth-laden zodiac sign — offer food for thought. And the compatibility advice — based on the relationship between one’s birth sign and various planets — may serve as a kind of low-cost, low-yield therapy. But in an age awash

Astrologers fail to predict proof they are wrong

Good news for rational, level-headed Virgoans everywhere: just as you might have predicted, scientists have found astrology to be rubbish. Its central claim – that our human characteristics are moulded by the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of our birth – appears to have been debunked once and for all and beyond doubt by the most thorough scientific study ever made into it. For several decades, researchers tracked more than 2,000 people – most of them born within minutes of each other. According to astrology, the subject should have had very similar traits. The babies

Famed astrologer dead at

Consulted by many celebs; Sun-Times ran column 32 years Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 4, 2003 BY BRENDA WARNER ROTZOLL, STAFF REPORTER Astrologer Sydney Omarr, whose column appeared in the Sun-Times for 32 years, was in grade school when he taught himself how to read and interpret the movements of the heavens. He self-published his first book of horoscopes at 15, was the official astrologer of the U.S. Army in World War II and rapidly became the most popular astrologer in the world. His syndicated column ran in more than 200 newspapers worldwide. Mr. Omarr died Thursday at St. John’s Health

The sage of Aquarius

S.F. company says what you don’t know about astrology can be harnful to your business’ health San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 27, 2002 An Aries wants a firm handshake and the bottom line. The Aquarius steers clear of confrontation. Scorpios, like Ted Turner and Bill Gates, are fierce, stealthy competitors who hate flattery. So say Tom Mitchell and Bruce Cady, former telecommunications executives and founders of Jupiter Returns, a new company that merges business and, yes, astrology. No, Mitchell said, it’s not a joke. “We want to create a brand name,” said Mitchell, a longtime astrology buff who lives in