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Mysterious bones of Jesus, Joseph and Mary

In a scene worthy of a Dan Brown novel, archaeologists a quarter of a century ago unearthed a burial chamber near Jerusalem. Inside they found ossuaries, or boxes of bones, marked with the names of Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Then one of the ossuaries went missing. The human remains inside were destroyed before any DNA testing could be carried out. While Middle East academics doubt that the relics belong to the Holy Family, the issue is about to be exposed to a blaze of publicity with the publication next week of a book.

Archaeologists Challenge Link Between Dead Sea Scrolls and Ancient Sect

New archaeological evidence is raising more questions about the conventional interpretation linking the desolate ruins of an ancient settlement known as Qumran with the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were found in nearby caves in one of the sensational discoveries of the last century. After early excavations at the site, on a promontory above the western shore of the Dead Sea, scholars concluded that members of a strict Jewish sect, the Essenes, had lived there in a monastery and presumably wrote the scrolls in the first centuries B.C. and A.D. Many of the texts describe religious practices and doctrine in ancient

Newfound Book of Psalms Doesn’t Predict Doom, Experts Say

It’s not the end of the world, experts announced today. The opening passage of a thousand-year-old Christian prayer book discovered in Ireland does not say that doomsday is near. When the medieval text—a Book of Psalms dated to about A.D.1000—was unearthed by a construction worker in a bog last week, archaeologists described the find as a miracle. But the discovery has since met with some nervous speculation about its possible religious significance. Doomsayers have focused on the passage that the 20-page text, written in Latin, was opened to when it was first uncovered: Psalm 83. In the King James Bible,

Medieval Christian Book Discovered in Ireland Bog

A thousand-year-old Book of Psalms has been discovered by a construction worker in a bog in Ireland. The eagle-eyed worker was using a backhoe to dig up potting soil in central Ireland last week when he spotted the leather-bound book. Experts called to the site were amazed to find an ancient Psalter Book of Psalms lying in the mud. The archaeologists won’t say exactly where the book was found until they are finished investigating the site. About 20 pages long and written in Latin, the book has been dated to between A.D. 800 and 1000. It is the first early

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?

Christian Archaeology Team Believes It Has Found the Ark June 29, 2006 — – A team of Texas archaeologists believe they may have located the remains of Noah’s Ark in Iran’s Elburz mountain range. “I can’t imagine what it could be if it is not the Ark,” said Arch Bonnema of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (B.A.S.E) Institute, a Christian archeology organization dedicated to looking for biblical artifacts. Bonnema and the other B.A.S.E. Institute members hiked for seven hours in the mountains northwest of Tehran, climbing 13,000 feet before making the apparent discovery. “We got up to this object,

Ancient Pyramid Discovered in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) — Archeologists announced on Wednesday they have discovered a massive 6th-century Indian pyramid beneath a centuries-old Catholic religious site. Built on a hillside by the mysterious Teotihuacan culture, the pyramid was abandoned almost 1,000 years before Christians began re-enacting the Crucifixion there in the 1800s. “When they first saw us digging there, the local people just couldn’t believe there was a pyramid,” said archaeologist Jesus Sanchez. “It was only when the slopes and shapes of the pyramid, the floors with altars were found, that the finally believed us.” Ceramic fragments and the presence of other ceremonial