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Ohio church at center of Portsmouth custody case

PORTSMOUTH — A judge on Thursday granted custody of five children to their father after hearing evidence that their mother belongs to an Ohio church whose fiery brand of faith has been called into question. So great was the sway of the Jefferson , Ohio , congregation – led by a charismatic bishop – the children turned against their dad after moving to that community in 2004 , according to testimony. Circuit Judge James A. Cales Jr. determined that evidence in the case, including a summary of abuse investigations involving church members, showed that the congregation is a dangerous place

Slaying spotlights pastor, church some call a cult

— The murmurs in rural Ashtabula County are starting to grow louder: Cult. Mind control. Something is going on in that church. Some people raised the specter years ago, but the beating death of a longtime church member last month has dragged once-shadowy concerns into the light. “This is a textbook cult case, and there are children who we believe are at risk in that church,” said Liz Shaw, a national cult expert who said she has tracked the church since 1999. Cult FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Cults, Sects, and Related Issues Includes definitions of terms (e.g. cult,

Financial woes with state also plague congregation

Allegations of abuse are not the only problem at the Apostolic Faith Church in Ashtabula County. The church also is in financial trouble with the state and has been cut off from its longtime religious denomination. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has asked the Ohio attorney general’s office to collect $6,500 from the church, now known fully as the Apostolic Faith Church Body of Jesus Christ of the Newborn Assembly. The payments are due because the church operated a business for two months before activating its BWC policy in 2004, only to cancel it a month later and claim