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‘Son of God’ stumped by anointed political candidate’s loss

Apollo Quiboloy Apollo Quiboloy, a Philippines cult leader who refers to himself as the “Appointed Son of God,” appears to be at a loss over the outcome of the presidential elections that saw his “anointed” trailing far behind the leading candidates.

His four million member ‘Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name’ group voted en-bloc for a candidate who eventually garnered just over three million votes.

Apollo Quiboloy: Cult leader is not afraid of controversial movie

DAVAO CITY — Cult leader Apollo Quiboloy has endorsed the movie adaptation of fictionist Dan Brown’s controversial book ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ saying he was confident it would not shake his followers’ faith. Quiboloy, who has described himself as the “Son of God,” said he would not stop his followers if they want to see the film. Quiboloy founded the Davao-based Christian movement Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name above every name, which operates a satellite television station and several radio stations. The group has membership all over the world. “Let it come. I am sure that my people’s faith

Couple who tried to free daughter from cult jailed

BAGUIO CITY — The parents who fought to recover their teenage daughter from the custody of a television evangelist and his religious group are now in jail. Aurelio and Erlinda Rillon, who are critics of Apollo Quiboloy, founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, His Name Above Other Names Inc., were arrested on Thursday on the strength of a Davao City prosecutor’s warrant for libel. Quiboloy’s group sued the Rillon couple in Davao City for claiming that the religious group has recruited young adults and teenagers like their daughter, Arlene, to earn money for the church. Erlinda cried when she

Couple charged with libel for branding Quiboloy’s sect a ‘cult’

The City Prosecutor’s Office charged a couple from Baguio City with libel for allegedly branding televangelist Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and his religious sect Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name as “a cult out to destroy families.” Facing charges before the Regional Trial Court for libel are Aurelio and Erlinda Rillon. Apollo Quiboloy Apollo Quiboloy claims to be the Son of God. Doing so makes him a heretic. Theologically, this makes his “Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name” movement a cult of Christianity Chief City Prosecutor Raul Bendigo approved the filing of the criminal case based on the penned

Lawyers sue cult to get custody of Baguio girl

BAGUIO CITY-The Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) and the party-list group Gabriela are suing to recover a teenager from a Davao-based church, claiming that its founder has brainwashed the girl and the church’s other underaged devotees. The human rights lawyers represent Erlinda Rillon, the girl’s mother, who complained before the city council in February about the alleged detention of her 19-year-old daughter Arlene by church leaders based in Mindanao. In their May 5 petition for habeas corpus, FLAG is enjoining Apollo Quiboloy, founder and chair of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Other Name, Inc., to release

Cult probed for recruitment of minors

BAGUIO CITY, Benguet, Philippines — A mother’s plea to reclaim custody of her daughter from a television evangelist has made a Mindanao-based Church ministry the target of an investigation by the city council and government social workers. Councilor Jose Molintas presented to the council on Monday a documented report on Erlinda Rillon, 60, mother of Arlene, a 19-year-old recruit of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Name Above Every Name Inc. Rillon claimed that Church founder and leader, Apollo Quiboloy, had been luring teenagers and young adults from Baguio to operate Quiboloy’s ministry in Barangay Catitipan in Davao City. Rillon said

Quiboloy not guilty on prayer mountain

The city Prosecution Office has rejected the case filed against Pastor Apollo Quiboloy by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) over the alleged illegal construction of a Millennial City Complex at Tamayong, Calinan. Chief city prosecutor Calixto Esparagoza said the alleged violation of R.A. 8435, otherwise known as the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997, could not stand against Quiboloy. Investigating prosecutor Raul Bendigo said “R.A. 8435, which is made as the basis of the charge against the respondents, is of doubtful applicability.”  Prosecutors yesterday released the four-page resolution on the case filed by DAR officer Ronaldo Orig, who

DAR sues Quiboloy over prayer complex

After months of investigation, the Department of Agrarian Reform has filed criminal charges against international television evangelist Apollo Quiboloy over the allegedly illegal conversion of a prime agricultural lot into a multimillion-peso prayer complex. The affidavit of DAR provincial agrarian reform officer Ronaldo Orig was forwarded yesterday to the City Prosecution Office. Orig said Quiboloy, head of the Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name, illegally converted about nine hectares of prime agricultural land in Tamayong, Calinan into a “Millennial City Complex” without securing the required Order of Conversion from DAR. He demanded that Quiboloy be litigated for four counts