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Waldorf schools: unconventional theories spawn believers – and critics

Waldorf Schools An unconventional Austrian philosopher’s influence has stretched across a century to specialty vineyards and inventive classrooms in Sonoma County that share his vision for bringing a “life force” to the tilling of soil and cultivating of young minds.

With its trademark affection for liberal politics and alternative practices, this suburban-to-rural county has become fertile ground for the ideas hatched in the early 20th century by quirky, controversial Rudolf Steiner.

Waldorf critics abound…

How they learn at a different school of thought

It’s a well-worn phrase used by countless parents and relatives over the years as junior gets home: “So, what did you do at school today?” The answer isn’t usually “thermodynamics, gardening and the history of architecture” – but it could easily be if the child in question goes to a Steiner school. Edinburgh’s own Steiner school in Merchiston, like all the 750 Steiner schools worldwide, is run along the lines devised by Austrian academic Rudolf Steiner, who died 80 years ago this year. Steiner believed learning should target the heart – as in the feelings – and the hands –

Steiner option to be offered in state-run primary school

The controversial Steiner teaching method is to be offered at a South Australian government school for the first time. Despite the protests of some parents and criticism that Steiner schools operate “like a religious cult“, Trinity Gardens P-7 School is to enrol two classes of Steiner students next year. The issue has divided the school community, with some parents fearing their school will be taken over. At least four students are being pulled out of the school and during the last term of last year, one class chanted “Steiner sucks” in protest against the move. Principal Vicki Stokes said most