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US financial crisis causes spike in online anti-Semitism: monitor

Stupidity The US financial crisis has provoked an outpouring of anti-Semitism on the Internet, with Jews being blamed for the debacle on Wall Street, a monitoring group said on Thursday.

Blogs devoted to conspiracy theories as well as white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites have sought to exploit events on Wall Street and the subprime crisis to support their agendas, ADL said.

Polish Priest Denies Anti-Semite Charges

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Polish Roman Catholic priest on Monday rejected accusations that he and the radio station he operates were anti-Semitic, while his church superiors voiced their support for the embattled clergyman. Wprost magazine had reported that the Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk, during a lecture earlier this year at a journalism school, described Jews as greedy and criticized President Lech Kaczynski for donating land in Warsaw for a Jewish museum. The comments generated strong rebukes from liberal Roman Catholics in Poland and leading Jewish rights groups abroad. On Monday, Rydzyk said he “didn’t intend to offend anyone.” “I stress

Danish paper reprints Holocaust cartoons

A Danish newspaper has printed cartoons about the Holocaust commissioned by Iran after cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad triggered violent protests. The newspaper – Information – published six of the cartoons, which are on display in the Iranian capital, Tehran. Several of the cartoons contrast the plight of the Palestinians with that of the victims of the Holocaust. Editor-in-chief Palle Weis said he had thought carefully about publishing the cartoons and said it was not a stunt. He told the BBC the cartoons accompanied a news story about the exhibition. He said they were “tasteless but predictable”. ‘Pretty harmless’ Another

A tale of 2 stories about anti-Semitism

Two incidents occurred on July 28. Both took place on the West Coast; both involved an American venting his hostility to Jews. But only one of them became, in the days that followed, the big national story about anti-Semitism. The other was treated as a serious but local matter, and drew only modest coverage around the country. Incident A involved a guy spewing crude anti-Semitic slurs when he was arrested for drunk driving; after sobering up, he publicly and profusely apologized. Incident B involved a Muslim gunman’s premeditated assault on a prominent Jewish institution; his attack left one woman dead