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African clergy to train ‘at home’

African bishops meeting in Nigeria to discuss their future ties with the Anglican Church have decided to stop training African priests abroad. “It is important to establish our own training institution in an environment conducive to Africans themselves,” Kenyan Bishop Julius Kalu said. Earlier, the head of the 300 bishops at the meeting condemned the ordination of gay priests. The bishops are also discussing Aids, war and poverty at the five-day summit. Bishop Kalu said the bishops at the summit felt there was a problem with training ministers abroad because of the different environments. “I was trained in the United

Unity plea as church seeks way forward

Gay issue could cause split, report warns The report by the commission headed by Ireland’s Archbishop Robin Eames – now called the Windsor Report of the Lambeth Commission – strives across 76 pages of text and 50 more of appendices to persuade men and women of goodwill in the 78 million strong worldwide Anglican communion to find ways of living together in unity and charity. It acknowledges the depths of division created by the gay issue – “a degree of harshness … which is new to Anglicanism … not all the opinions voiced have been expressed in ways which are

Anglicans Hover on the Brink Over Gays

LONDON — A high-level commission of the worldwide Anglican Communion on Monday called on the American Episcopal Church to express regret for consecrating an openly gay bishop and to stop blessings of same-sex unions. But the much-anticipated report does not seek to expel the Episcopal Church from the international communion or demand the removal of the gay bishop, the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, as some conservatives had sought. The Lambeth Commission document underlines the deep divide over sexuality that threatens to splinter the 77-million-member Anglican Communion, of which the Episcopal Church is the American branch. Conservative

Church report ‘set to fuel gay row’

The row over homosexuality that is threatening to split the Anglican Church is set to erupt again with the release of a key report. The Lambeth Commission has spent the last year tackling the crisis of unification among the 70 million members of the Anglican Communion around the world. But with liberals and conservatives still entrenched on the controversial gay issue many fear its Windsor Report may only fuel the row rather than bridge the schism. Although the body, announced by the Archbishop of Canterbury, has addressed general issues, the splits on homosexual clergy is set to dominate the fallout

Anglicans divided on Jensen outburst

Prostitution, paganism, adultery, and defamation. Anglicans accused and counter-accused each other of the most heinous sins yesterday in the wake of the Dean of Sydney’s damning of the Archbishop of Canterbury for “intellectual and theological prostitution” and condemnation of Prince Charles as a “public adulterer”. Australia’s leading Anglican cleric, Primate Peter Carnley, castigated right-wing evangelical Phillip Jensen – the brother of Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen – for what he called extreme, unhelpful and possibly defamatory comments about the international head of the Anglican communion. Phillip Jensen delivered his personal remarks about Rowan Williams in England at a meeting of the

Senior Anglican figure lashes out at world leader of the Church

TONY EASTLEY: A senior figure from Australia’s Anglican Church is embroiled in controversy, after lashing out at the liberal values of the world leader of the church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. The Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, whose brother is Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen, reportedly accused Archbishop Williams of “theological and intellectual prostitution”. The comments were apparently made in reference to the Archbishop’s privately held liberal views about homosexual relationships. Also in his speech to conservative Christians in the UK, Philip Jensen described Prince Charles as a public adulterer. Nick McKenzie reports. NICK MCKENZIE: The Anglican Dean

Anglican bishops distance themselves from Dean’s outburst

Senior Anglican figures in Australia have moved to distance themselves from a damaging outburst in England by the Dean of Sydney, Philip Jensen. In a speech to a group of conservative Christians reported in the British media, the Dean is said to have described the Archbishop of Canterbury as a theological prostitute and the Prince of Wales as a public adulterer. Bishop of South Sydney, Robert Forsyth, has joined with Philip Jensen’s brother, Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen, to downplay the statements. “They are not the views of the Diocese of Sydney or the Anglican Church of Australia so much as

Evangelicals call Williams a prostitute

Conservative evangelicals flexed their muscles yesterday by denouncing the Church of England and its leader, the Most Rev Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, as sinful and corrupt, and threatening to refuse to recognise the authority of liberal bishops. They warned that they might seek the ecclesiastical oversight of more theologically congenial bishops from the developing world if the church did not offer them the chance to align with bishops of their own stamp in England. The complaints came in the run-up to next week’s publication of an international commission reviewing the structure of the Anglican communion in the wake of

African cleric invites US split

Nigerian archbishop woos those opposed to Episcopal changes FAIRFAX, Va. — In a direct challenge to the leadership of the US Episcopal Church, an influential Anglican archbishop from Africa is exploring ways to allow American congregations upset over the election of a gay bishop to realign themselves under his jurisdiction. Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, who has been sharply critical of the US Episcopal Church’s decision last year to consecrate Bishop V. Gene Robinson in New Hampshire, said yesterday he feels obliged to provide a spiritual home to Nigerians in the United States who are leaving the church over the

Episcopalian Parishes Split Over Gay Bishop

In a move signaling a deeper break within the national Episcopal Church, two Southland parishes said today they are leaving the church and severing ties with the Diocese of Los Angeles because of the denomination’s consecration of an openly gay priest as bishop in New Hampshire. The announcement by All Saints Episcopal Church in Long Beach and St. James Episcopal Church in Newport Beach marked the first time that any parish in the six-county Los Angeles Episcopal Diocese had made good on long-standing threats to pull out of the 2.3-million member national Episcopal Church. The two churches said they intended