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Testimony in exorcism murder trial brings jurors to tears

Amora Bain Carson A forensic pathologist told a Montgomery County jury Wednesday there were too many injuries suffered by 13-month-old Amora Bain Carson to give a definitive cause of death.

The doctor told jurors Amora had 18 breaks in her ribs and at least 24 human bite wounds covering her body.

Dr. Pinckard said it appeared she had been strangled as well as having suffered multiple skull fractures, brain injuries, a torn liver, her arms and legs had been twisted to the point of breaking, her retinas detached and internal injuries from apparently being sexually assaulted with an object authorities believe was a pipe wrench.

Witnesses: Blaine Milam asked sister to ‘retrieve evidence’ from under house

Amora Bain Carson Detectives investigating the Dec. 2, 2008, death of 13-month-old Amora Bain Carson in Rusk County found a wrench under the home where she had been living hours after Blaine Keith Milam asked his sister to find and retrieve some evidence there, witnesses testified.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Milam, 20, if he is convicted of capital murder for Amora’s beating death.

Venue Changed for Trial in Alleged Exorcism-Related Killing

Amora Bain Carson It was the worst crime scene anybody working the case had ever seen: the lifeless body of 13-month old Amora Bain Carson was found covered in blunt force trauma wounds and human bite marks, allegedly the victim of an attempted exorcism gone terribly wrong.

The child’s mother, Jessica Carson, 20, and Carson’s boyfriend, Blaine Keith Milam, also 20, both face capital murder charges and will be tried separately.

Man charged with toddler’s ‘exorcism’ bludgeoning death should still have been in jail

Amora Carson The man charged with beating to death a toddler during an “exorcism” earlier this week in Rusk County was supposed to be behind bars at the time as part of a condition of probation for the second-degree felony criminal solicitation of a child.

Blaine Milam and 18-year-old Jesseca Carson are jailed on $2 million bonds for the beating death of her 13-month-old daughter Amora. Carson has told authorities Milam killed her daughter while performing an exorcism to “beat out the demons.”

Couple bites and bludgeons 13-month old to death in ‘exorcism’

Amora Bain Carson They claim they were trying to drive the demons out of the 13-month-old, but law enforcement officers say the bottom line is a Rusk County couple bludgeoned the little girl to death with a hammer and other objects and bit her more than 20 times in the most grotesque murder the seasoned officers can remember.

Blaine Keith Milam, 19 and Jesseca Bain Carson, 18, both of Henderson, remain jailed on $2 million bonds each. They are charged with capital murder for the Tuesday morning death of Carson’s daughter Amora Bain Carson.