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Amish beard-cutting defendant has taxpayer-subsidized lawyer despite millions in the bank, prosecutors say

Samuel Mullet The leader of an Amish splinter sect accused of cutting the beards of religious enemies has received more than $2 million for oil rights to his 800-acre farm, yet continues to be represented by a taxpayer-financed public defender, according to a new court filing.

Prosecutors also that Samuel Mullet remain in jail pending his trial, citing fears that he and his followers might retreat to his farm and forcibly resist surrendering.

U.S. Justice Department says hate crime charges OK in Amish beard-cutting attacks

Bergholz Clan Lawyers for the group claim the government’s case should be dismissed because they say the 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act should not apply to a dispute within a religion.

Justice Department lawyers answer the defendants “were properly indicted under the act” and that the law “represents a proper exercise of Congressional authority to enact legislation” to prosecute crimes motivated by bias.

Prosecutors charge 4 more in Amish beard- and hair cutting attacks

Bergholz Clan U.S. Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged an additional four women with being involved in beard-cutting attacks on fellow Amish in Ohio, and added new allegations that suspects tried to hide or destroy evidence including a bag of hair from the victims.

The new allegations bring to 16 the number of people charged in the attacks on other Amish last year.

Lawyers claim hate crimes prosecution of Amish beard cutting clan is unconstitutional

Sam Mullet Lawyers for Amish sect leader Sam Mullet, who is accused of instigating beard- and hair cutting attacks against mainstream Amish men and women, have challenged the constitutionality of the Federal government’s hate-crimes prosecution of Mr. Mullet and 11 of his followers.

They have asked a judge to throw out the case because they say Congress exceeded its authority in passing the Hate Crimes Prevention Act in 2009.