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Peoria girls caught up in custody battle found with religious sect in Belize

Teens’ story to air on ‘Dr. Phil’ PEORIA – The tale of two teenage Peoria girls whose parents’ custody battle stretched over years, continents and into an arcane religious sect now enters the realm of daytime television as the Dr. Phil show airs the first of a three-part series today. Mollie, 15, and Allene Hari, 13, were returned to their mother, Michelle Frakes, a special education teacher at Blaine-Sumner Middle School, a couple of months ago after spending nearly a year in Central America with their father, Michael Hari, and a religious group to which he belonged. Hari of Paxton

Allene and Mollie Hari found after chase leads through Carroll Co

Two Clarence, Ill. girls abducted more than a year ago have been reunited with their mother following a chase that led from Illinois to Carroll County and finally Central America. The saga of Allene, now 13, and Mollie Hari, 15, began on April Fools Day 2005 when the girls’ mother Michelle Frakes was to have a scheduled visit. Michael Hari, the girls’ father, and Frakes had divorced earlier and Frakes was working through the court system to acquire custody of the girls because, according to her at the time, Hari failed to ensure their attendance at school. “At the time,