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Cult leader Alan Bushey sentenced in corpse case

Alan Bushey A judge sentenced the leader of a religious sect to 2 years in prison Wednesday for hiding an elderly follower’s rotting body on a toilet for weeks.

Prosecutors said Bushey kept the body hidden so he could collect Middlesworth’s Social Security checks and annuities. Bushey’s attorney, Thomas Steinman, argued that Bushey thought God would bring Middlesworth back to life.

Self-proclaimed religious leader to enter plea in case of hiding a corpse

Alan Bushey Prosecutors said Alan Bushey and one of his followers, Tammy Lewis, kept the dead body of Magdeline Middlesworth, 90, on Lewis’s toilet for two months, and Lewis’s children saw it rot there.

It is alleged that Bushey claimed Middlesworth would come back to life. Meanwhile, the cult leader kept collecting the woman’s social security checks.

Religious group in Necedah was collecting dead woman’s Social Security

Lewis told investigators Bushey, who also goes by Bishop John Peter, told her to leave Middlesworth’s body in the bathroom and pray for God to bring her back to life. Lewis’ son told detectives Bushey told him demons were destroying Middlesworth’s appearance to make it look like she wouldn’t return to life, the complaint said.

Friends, family say they warned woman, 90, not to move

Tammy Lewis, 35, and 57-year-old Alan Bushey have been charged with two felony counts of being a party to causing mental harm to a child. Lewis was also charged with obstructing an officer, a misdemeanor. Juneau County District Attorney Scott Southworth said authorities believed it was a “cult-type situation where fraud was enacted by the leader of this cult in order to obtain money.”