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Judge extends deadline to find Tony Alamo’s alleged enforcer

John Erwin Kolbeck A judge’s ruling Wednesday gives two teenagers an extra three months to find the man they say beat them while they were members of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and serve him with a copy of their lawsuit.

But the teenagers’ attorney, W. David Carter of Texarkana, Texas, said he doesn’t expect to wait that long to move forward with the lawsuit, which seeks damages against the ministry’s leader, Tony Alamo, and John Kolbeck, whom authorities have identified as Alamo’s “enforcer.”

Lawyer: Evangelist Tony Alamo was too old and weak to have committed sex crimes

Tony Alamo Evangelist Tony Alamo has hired Danny Davis, the same lawyer who in 1991 represented him in a child abuse case that never went to trial.

Alamo’s choice of Davis means the evangelist likely wants to attack the credibility of witnesses who will claim the evangelist took young girls across the state lines for sex.

Davis said Thursday that his client’s poor eyesight and diminishing physique would have made it impossible for him to have had sex with underage girls, as federal prosecutors claim.

Surrounding the Alamo ministries

After a bullet hit one of the church windows, Tony Alamo Ministries hired a security company to watch for possible troublemakers. But concern has grown among Fouke residents about why armed security guards with R&G Securities has stopped vehicles from driving onto South Circle Drive and the property of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.

Arkansas group leaves anti-Catholic literature in Helena

HELENA – The Montana Human Rights Network has sent informational letters to the state’s two Catholic dioceses in the wake of a literature drop by an anti-Catholic group headquartered in Arkansas and headed by a former Montanan. The Alamo Christian Ministries, which teaches that the Vatican is an evil cult that controls all governments, recently dropped newsletters on vehicles in downtown Helena and in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The leader of the group, Tony Alamo, spent his youth in Windham, Lewistown, Billings and Helena. Using such phrases as “diabolical Rome” and “one-world government,” the newsletter provides, among other things, a

Cult Leader Loses Ruling Over Dead Wife’s Body

The Arkansas Court of Appeals on Wednesday dismissed on a technicality religious cult leader Tony Alamo’s appeal of an order requiring him to produce the missing body of his long-dead wife for burial. The body of Susan Alamo, who died of cancer in 1982, disappeared from a Dyer, Ark., mausoleum owned by the cult in 1991, shortly after federal authorities moved to seize church assets for tax irregularities. In 1995, a lower court found that Alamo was responsible for the theft of Susan Alamo’s remains. The couple had built a religious cult and business empire from a storefront effort to