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Reclusive religious leader speaks out following arrest

The leader of a mysterious New Mexico religious cult has broken his silence with the media after a fight with some of his members ended with him being locked up in Grants. Jim Green is known as the general of a western New Mexico organization that calls itself the Aggressive Christians, but Green says the name doesn’t imply violence – contrary to a hatchet-and-stick wielding fight that gave Green 40 stitches and a trip to the Cibola County jail. “I feel totally like an ass,” said Green, professing his organization’s nonviolent beliefs. “I was a bad example.” According to Green,

Child-Abuse Claims To Be Heard

GRANTS — A judge on Wednesday granted a state request to take testimony next week from a witness who has charged that members of an isolationist religious sect in Cibola County have abused children. The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department has been trying to take into protective custody two children in the Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps, which has a compound in remote western New Mexico near Fence Lake. The agency also wants to talk to any other children in the group, which some law enforcement officials have described as a cult. But the group has sent its

Attempt To Seize Kids Criticized

The children of an isolationist religious sect remained in hiding early this week, more than two weeks after state authorities went to the group’s compound south of Gallup and tried to take two of the children into protective custody. Meanwhile, some local law enforcement officials are criticizing the action by the state Children, Youth and Families Department, saying it was based on statements of a single witness who has a history of making unfounded allegations to police. The attempt to remove the children from the Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps followed a series of television news reports by Darren White,