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Many churches and ministries use the name Agape Ministries. This news archive concerns a religious group with properties in and around Adelaide, South Australia, and led by Rocco Leo.

In May 2010 properties belonging to Agape Ministries were raided by Australian police. Police seized an arsenal of weapons, high-powered ammunition and explosives.

Former members reportedly claim that the religious group, referred to in the media as a ‘doomsday cult,’ promised them a haven on a South Pacific island, to protect them from microchips the government was planning to implant in all humans.

Agape Ministries cult leader Rocco Leo wanted for assault

Rocco Leo -- Agape Ministires of God -- Doomsday Cult Runaway Agape cult leader Rocco Leo assaulted the estanged husband of one of his church members at Adelaide Airport less than a month before his doomsday cult was raided by police, a court has heard.

Magistrate Lydia Makiv issued an arrest warrant for Leo – who failed to appear at today’s scheduled hearing – before recalling it to allow his lawyers to argue against it tomorrow.