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Food fight over ‘yogi’

Six years after the death of spiritual leader Yogi Bhajan, three legal battles are under way in Oregon and California over the use of the name “yogi” in food products and ingredients.

In the late 1960s, India-born Yogi Bhajan founded a Sikh community in the United States, which created Golden Temple, a cereal and tea producer in Eugene that became an anchor of the local natural foods industry.

In May, Golden Temple sold its cereal division to Hearthside Food Solutions, a manufacturer based in Illinois. Now Golden Temple officials say their sole focus is on growing Yogi Tea, a natural tea business with 50 employees in Springfield and about 100 employees in Europe.

But the outcomes of the trademark disputes could throw a wrench in those plans.

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The Disturbing Mainstream Connections of Yogi Bhajan

In an article in the Santa Fe Reporter, “Khalsa vs Khalsa,” journalist Corey Pein reported on the dramatic schism erupting between the students and family of the late Yogi Bhajan, who are feuding in Oregon courts over control of Bhajan’s religious and financial empire.

The group’s largest company, Akal Security, has reportedly earned billions in contracts relating to U.S. security. There has recently been a debate in the news about the wisdom of outsourcing security contracts to private entities.

Looking closely at Bhajan’s organization, one can’t help but wonder why our government officials have not more thoroughly investigated a group with such questionable history. An article by cult expert Steve Hassan.

A simmering lawsuit could decide the fate of Yogi Bhajan’s $1 billion Sikh empire

A judge in Oregon will soon decide who should control the late Yogi Bhajan’s Sikh business empire, including the omnipresent Yogi tea brand and what may be New Mexico’s largest private company, Akal Security.

Will control remain with the coup leaders—the Sikh Dharma Stewardship and its parent company, Unto Infinity of Oregon—whom Bhajan left in charge of the sect’s business side?

Or will it go to the former SDI board, which includes Bhajan’s widow and others entrusted with religious matters?

Neither side can claim total purity, says the Santa Fe Reporter.

Yogi Bhajan’s legacy in question

Yogi Bhajan Several former members of Yogi Bhajan’s organization say they aren’t surprised by events unfolding now, six years after his death. Legal disputes threaten to splinter the community. Allegations of the yogi’s past wrongdoing are resurfacing. And the future of the Sikh organization’s businesses are in question.

The outcome will ripple far beyond the religious group, whose companies have become intertwined with the local economy and business community.

The capitalist yogi

Flags flew half-staff in New Mexico on Friday in honour of Yogi Bhajan, a Sikh spiritual leader who died in his sleep at his home in Espanola on Wednesday at age 75. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, a former congressman and Energy Secretary, ordered the tribute in a gesture aimed as much at Yogi Bhajan’s economic contribution to the state as his spiritual success. At a time when many Americans are gnashing their teeth at news of Indians taking away their jobs, Yogi Bhajan’s remarkable success in reconciling religion and commerce while creating employment is worth relating. Born Harbhajan Singh

Sikh community pays tribute to influential guru

Yogi Bhajan, an Indian-born guru whose arrival in the United States gave birth to Eugene’s now-thriving Sikh community, has died. Local faithful gathered at the Sikh Dharma gurdwara in south Eugene on Thursday to remember and celebrate the 75-year-old leader, who died Wednesday evening in New Mexico of complications from heart failure. Most of the gurdwara’s adherents are American-born Sikhs who converted to the faith after Bhajan arrived in Los Angeles in 1969 with a brand of Sikhism emphasizing kundalini yoga. By the mid-1970s, converts in white turbans became a familiar sight at the Eugene gurdwara and surrounding neighborhood –

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