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Court orders Jehovah’s Witness boy be given blood transfusion

blood transfusion A hospital has won the right to give a child potentially life-saving blood transfusions despite the religious objections of the boy and his family.

In a South Australian legal first, the Supreme Court this afternoon gave the Women’s and Children’s Hospital the right to give a 10-year-old boy – a member of the Jehovah’s Witness faith – transfusions as part of his cancer treatment.

Ireland: Jehovah’s Witnesses abandon appeal against forced blood transfusion

blood transfusion Legal representatives for a Jehovah’s Witness have abandoned an appeal into what is believed to be the first instance in Ireland where a court ordered a blood transfusion to be given to an adult against her will.

Doctors at Coombe Hospital in Dublin had obtained a court order allowing them to give a blood transfusion to a women who lost eighty percent of her blood when she haemorrhaged after giving birth.