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24 House Church Leaders Missing After Police Raid in Henan Province, China

China Aid Association Releases the Defense Lawyers’ Statement for Religious Group Leader Xu Shuangfu MIDLAND, Texas, March 17 /Christian Wire Service/ — China Aid Association learned 24 House Church Leaders are still missing following a police raid on a house church leaders’ meeting in Henan Province. CAA released the Defense Statement today in the case of a controversial religious group leader, Xu Shuangfu, by his defense Lawyers. According to an eyewitness report, at noon of March 13, a number of Public Security Officials raided a house church meeting at Wen County, Henan Province. Eighty Chinese house church leaders from different

Chinese police detain 36 in raid on bible school, aid association says

SHANGHAI, China (AP) – Chinese police on Wednesday raided a bible school run by an underground Protestant church, detaining 36 people amid a nationwide crackdown on Christians worshipping outside Communist Party control, an overseas support group said. About 50 officers armed with electric cattle prods and backed by more than 10 police vehicles surrounded the school in the eastern province of Anhui, according to the Texas-based China Aid Association. Those inside, including students, teachers and leaders of the underground church, were taken away in police vans, the group said. The school’s owner, Chu Huaiting, was later arrested at his home,

Death Sentences Loom in Trial of Chinese Christians

BEIJING, Feb. 27–(Kyodo)- Seventeen leaders from a Chinese Christian group will go on trial Tuesday for alleged involvement in the murder of 20 members of a rival sect and fraud, a Christian group based in the United States said Monday. At least four defendants, members of the religious sect Three Grades of Servants, are expected to be sentenced to death by an intermediate court in Shuangyashan, a city in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, the China Aid Association quoted government sources as saying. The defendants, including sect leader and longtime underground church organizer Xu Wenku, are accused of involvement in the murder

Chinese Christians Are a Force, But What Kind?

Weekends in Beijing reveal sharp differences between tourists and residents of the sprawling Chinese capital. On Saturdays and Sundays, Beijing’s most famous sights — the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square — are crawling with visitors, making even Disney World at high season seem serene. Beijingers, meanwhile, flock to the flashy new shopping malls just east of Tiananmen, full of latte-swilling yuppies jabbering on mobile phones, and massive supermarkets offering everything from Parmalat milk to Peking duck. Growing numbers of Beijingers also pack into a different kind of structure on the weekend. On Sundays, the capital’s government-registered Protestant

Violence Taints Religion’s Solace for China’s Poor

HUAIDE, China – Kuang Yuexia and her husband, Cai Defu, considered themselves good Christians. They read the Bible every night before bed. When their children misbehaved, they dealt with them calmly. They did not curse or tell lies. But when Zhang Chengli, a neighbor, began hounding them last year to leave their underground religious sect and join his, it seemed like a test of satanic intensity. He scaled the wall of their garden, ambushed them in the fields and roused them after midnight with frantic calls to convert before Jesus arrived for his Second Coming and sent them to hell.