New religious movement finds a home in Seattle

SEATTLE – Seattle’s Anchor Baptist Church is undergoing a spiritual transformation. Members are discovering something beyond Christianity, a movement called “Mosaic.”

“Humanity is broken and fragmented and shattered loves, but formed together just like in the art form, often form a beautiful masterpiece,” said Barry Odom of Mosaic, Seattle.

Mosaic is the creation of author and former atheist Erwin McManus. The movement doesn’t call itself a church. Followers doesn’t even call themselves Christian, despite being devout followers of Jesus. Instead, they are dedicated to helping people find God through art and nature, with a bit of new age and Eastern flavor.

Leaders are targeting largely secular Seattle for its incredible cultural relevance.

“The progressive thought, the technology industry, the biotech industry that is emerging … we think those are the things shaping world culture. If there were a platform to speak to the world or to help shape and influence the world, Seattle is it,” said Odom. “We would love to see what would happen if those people connected with God.”

Congregations don’t build churches. They meet anywhere from peoples’ homes to movie theaters. In fact, Anchor Baptist is selling their church and likely moving into a school auditorium.

But Mosaic does expect members to give 10 percent of their income to the movement, or to any other social or environmental organization they deem deserving.

In a personal statement about his belief, Pastor Dave Foster had his ears pierced before the congregation Sunday as a symbol of his lifelong commitment to faith.

“I may have some eyebrows lifted. I might have some judgement, but I don’t serve a denomination, I don’t even serve Christianity. I serve Jesus,” said Foster.

Mosaic leaders don’t want to be grouped in with other movements, especially those that require you to give a lot of money. In fact, they say if you decide to leave Mosaic they’ll return any money you have donated, no questions asked.

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