Supreme stupidity

Alberta-based racists dumber than dirt

I can never figure out whether people who believe their race is superior to others are just scared or really stupid.

If they’re just scared — uncomfortable with being around people that don’t look quite like they do — I think we can help them. We can offer various forms of therapy and comfort. They have some hope.

But if they’re just dumb, lacking in basic rational thinking skills and unable to be comforted, we have some trouble on our hands.

Western Canada For Us — a white supremacist, Holocaust-denier group — is apparently trying to open a chapter in Manitoba.

The Alberta-based group appears to spend most of its time trumpeting the benefits of a strong “white” society — they call it Euro-Canadian.

(As if all people from Europe are white).

When I first started reading their literature, I thought maybe this group fell into the scared category.

They seem very uncomfortable living in a community where the percentage of non-white people is growing. They sound like they’re in distress because they feel the walls are closing in on them.

It’s tribalism of sorts. Some people aren’t comfortable around people with different skin colour because they’re not used to it.


All we have to do is get them used to it and they’ll realize that, hey, we’re all just the same animals rolling around in each other’s dirt.

But as I kept reading WCFU’s clever prose, I began to realize that like most racist groups, they’re not just scared, they’re really dumb.

They have cognitive deficiencies.

Take Jamie M., the courageous president of the Manitoba chapter who’s so proud of his organization he refuses to sign his last name on his website greetings.

“Through hard work, loyalty, and perseverance we can grow towards true white pride,” writes Jamie M. “We can achieve many things if we stick together and fight for what we have given away over years of immigration and special treatment.”

I’m not sure I can navigate my way through such brilliant grammar. But what I think he’s saying is that we let too many immigrants into Canada and it’s diluting our white population.

“As founder of the Manitoba Chapter of Western Canada For Us, I feel that I can provide leadership, and motivation, so that Manitoba can become a strong ally in the fight to bring the white race back to it’s (sic) former power in this country,” he writes.

That’s where visions of burning crosses and white hoods jump into my head.

He goes on to say that the group’s efforts can make Canada a safer place for our families, as if white people don’t commit crimes.

“I have a six year old son, and in this day and age of perverts and molesters, I do not feel safe letting him play in my own back yard,” writes Jamie M.

I’m more worried about the six-year-old.

Actually, most of the perverts and molesters we do stories on are white males. Sorry to disappoint, Jamie M.

Maybe I’m giving these guys more publicity than they deserve. But I like to know where these people are. I like to keep my eye on them.

I can work with fear. But stupidity is far more insidious.

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Apr. 24, 2004 Column
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