Yoga: Talk can enhance sex life

It’s a man’s world, the old song goes, but only women can have multiple orgasms.

But men, all is not lost. The magic word: Tantra.

You may have heard about it. Pop singer Sting once boasted he could make love to his wife Trudie for some five hours. He attributed his feat to practicing tantra, the Hindu-based postures and meditations designed to enhance sexuality and spirituality. (He has since backed off after being the butt of numerous jokes).

However, interested parties can learn more about tantra in a seminar, From Love and Pleasure to Bliss — Real Tantra, this weekend at Umaa Tantra South Beach.


Most westerners are naive to the religious origin and nature of yoga. Many practitioners who do, merely presume that the exercises are harmless if they are not practiced with a spiritual intent.

Yoga is a series of exercises and postures (asanas) which are advertised as a way to tone up, reduce stress and experience tranquility.

Yoga though is an intrinsic part of Hinduism. Swami Vishnudevananda, well known authority of Yoga, in his book The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga explains the purpose of Yoga, “It is the duty of each developed man to train his body to the highest degree of perfection so that it may be used to pursue spiritual purposes… the aim of all yoga practice is to achieve truth wherein the individual soul identifies itself with the supreme soul of God.”
– Source: Yoga, a Profile by Watchman Fellowship

One of the instructors, Tao Semko, hopes couples and singles will learn to get in touch with their feelings and expand sexual pleasure and heighten awareness. Toward that end, the instructors will cover human anatomy, teach meditation methods and focus on hatha yoga postures.

If all goes well, women can increase their potential for multiple orgasms and men and women can learn to redirect their orgasms to various body parts. Need stimulation in the heart? The brain? Focus, breathe, and zap, it’s there.

Of course, the natural question is why would you want to redirect your orgasm? Isn’t it pretty good right where it is?

Yes, says yoga and tantra instructor Santiago Dobles, 27. But it could be better for both partners.

”Women can strengthen their vaginal muscles and when having an orgasm they can move that experience to the chest so it’s more emotional rather than just sexual. A man learns through tantra how to redirect seminal fluid in the body,” he says. “When a man ejaculates he tends to lose some zing. It’s not that we say you shouldn’t ejaculate but by doing certain breathing techniques and focusing attention to where that orgasm is going to effect . . . you can make love for hours.”

That isn’t the ultimate goal of tantra, however.

”[There is] a spiritual element. . . . Through sex you enjoy better health and through higher consciousness you get intimacy.” says Semko, 30.

The seminar and classes also feature fully clothed participants. ”It’s not an orgy,” says Semko, a University of Miami graduate with degrees in biology and oceanography.

Two students, both unmarried, are pleased with the results of their lessons.

”It was a lot of info that I definitely wasn’t aware of,” says Marcos Macau, 24, of Miami. “For one thing, I learned how to give a pretty sensual massage which I had never had an idea could be so powerful. When I approach a woman it’s completely different; it’s not so shallow as before.”

Added Paul Roemmele, 42, of Delray Beach: “It made me realize how powerful our mind is in cultivating our energy.”

The homework is certainly fun.

”That’s another benefit there,” Roemmele says, chuckling. ‘You say, `Oh, I gotta do my yoga class today,’ ” he deadpans. “Here, there’s a lot of benefits.”

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