Dentist-Scientologist refuses a deserter

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Dentist-Scientologist refuses a deserter
House of Orange (Royal Dutch Family) are also patients of cult-member?

Het Parool

AMSTERDAM – Hans Beekmans, dentist from Laren, active member of the Scientology-cult in Amsterdam, rufuses to finish a complex treatment on another scientologist. This because due to the revolt labeled the patient as a contaminated individual. Beekmans, who according to his own words also is dentist of various members of the royal dutch family, has got for a considerable time a relation with the Executive Director, Maria Koster, of the Church of Scientology in the Netherlands.

What you should know about Scientology
Scientology is a commercial enterprise that masquerades as a religion, and that acts like a hate group.
The so-called ‘church’ of Scientology is an unethical organization with a lengthy and growing record of hate and harassment activities as well as other unethical behavior
Hate and harassment activities are endorsed and encouraged in Scientology’s scriptures

According to the internal justice system of the cult Scientologists may not maintain contact with member followers who are labeld suppresive person and are excommunicated by the leaders of the cult. The patient, Ricardo Wirht, from Amsterdam is furrious about the refusal of Beekmans to further treat him. “I see this as two seperate issues: You have your profession and you are Scientologist. Beekmans is mixing up two things, and that is not correct.” The inspector network for healt als finds this “an improper procedure followed” when a dentist breaks off a treatment due to involvements in a cult. “There of course can be circumstances due to which a dentist
cannot continue with a patient”, says spokesman Raymond Salet of the Inspector Network. “But to send somebody out with the argument: You are an out-cast of the cult en therefore i will no longer treat you anymore, cannot be according to our point of view.”

About three years ago Wirht joined the cult that is situated at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, About a year ago Beekmans also joined it. Beekmans is an authority on the subject of implants. He is secretary of the Dutch Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and one of the developers of and implant made of zirconiumoxide.

According to Wirht: “Hans has had privat problems and based on the advises of another dentist, who already was with us for a longer period of time, he ended up in Scientology.” As usual, as a trainee Scientologist Beekmans had to do the purification rundown of the cult: a de-poinsoning program for which one mainly has to be in the sauna, and where immense amounts of vitamins have to be taken. There are cases known in which trainee Scientologist started coughing blood.

Ricarodo Wirht: “As a more experienced Scientologist i in this case was the twin of Hans, as they call this, his companion I stayed many hours with him in the sauna.”


Some scientologist mention that already soon after the entrance into the cult Beekmans got a relation with the highest boss in the “Org”, the headquaters on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. The most highranking boss is Maria Koster, business director of the Cult. “Only because of
his cash” says Wirht. “Hans is a millionair, that’s what he told me many times, every now and then he does a considerable donation, so Maria Koster somehow felt very comfortable with this.” The relation also turned out to be very benificial for the progress of Beekmans on the Bridge to Clear: there were the studies of less fortunate followers sometimes stagnates for many years, Beekmans rocketed from one level onto the next

Beside being twin Wirht also became patient of Beekmans. “That’s came about” Because for years already i was missing a tooth. Hans was going to implant a tooth, and the deal was that when the treatment was completely finished he was allowed to used my case for commercial purposes and presentations. I was fine with this.”

According to wirht he got an extensive preparatory treatment. “To make space for the implant, he told” That operation went well and after six month the implant would be put in. So that had to be done in September.”

Meanwhile, on the 15th of august to be exact, an SP declare was issued by the leaders of the church to Wirht: He was declared suppressive person, in short SP. Wirth had done a capital crime:
Scientology has an exodus, in the recent months dozens of Scientologist turned their backs toward the cult and Wirht had contact with some of them. And contact with a suppresive group is considered to be mutiny, so therefore the SP declare, that as ussual got published on the public noticeboard in the Org.

According to the justicesystem of Scientology one may not only have no contact and SP, they also must be “to be deceited, purued, lied to and be destoyed” – so one cannot at all speak about esthetic dentistry.

Wirht: “I called Hans to make an appointment for further treatment en he told me i was messing things up and he no longer wanted to treat me anymore. Of course that’s because he has an affair with the director and finds the philosophy fantastic, but i thnk this is not quite right.”

Durring last year Beekmans hinted to some Scientologists that he treats various members of the Royal Family. According to Wirht: “He last year once told me that he had to go in a hurry to the AMC Amsterdam Medical Center) to look if everything was ok with the set of teeth of prince Claus,” and Hans made a big story of it, including a car with blacked out windows, in which he was taken and with bodyguard.


Other Scientologists confirm this, one of them is John Leemhuis, former soulcather of the cult: “Sometimes there are gatherings in the chappel of the Org where people have to tell about there work, acts and progress. Hans Beekmans one time also stepped onto stage and there told he is dentist of the royal family. He also told he takes care of Queen Beatrix.”

The Government Information Service doesn’t want to say a thing about the relation Beekmans and the Royal Family. Beekmans, after being informed about the above has “no comment” on the matter-Wirht, nor his affair with Maria Koster or with regard to his progress on the Bridge towards Clear, nor about his activities for the Royal Familiy.

According to the office manager of Beekmans Marcel Vis “This is about a relation between a doctor and a patient, and about this we as a dentist-practice are not allowed to do any utterances,”

By the way the progress of Beekmans in Scientology will sort itself out. For instance, two weeks ago, via an ad in the Gooi- and Eemlander (Local Newspaper) intrested persons were made for the information gathering of the Narcanon foundation. This “drug rehabilitation center” is, although this was not mentioned in the ad, led by veteran Scientologist Joanna Kluessien, and is mainly aimed at leading addicted into the cult. Place of event, according to the ad: Practice of Beekmans Dentists in Laren. “U can register at the desk or you can call to the dentists-practice.”

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Het Parool, Netherlands
Nov. 9, 2003
Bart Middelburg

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