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Source: BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific – Political
Publication date: 2002-07-21
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Text of report by official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China News Agency) on 21 July of 22 July Renmin Ribao commentary entitled: “Thoroughly smash cultish spiritual shackles”

Beijing, 21 July: It is truly regrettable that a cadre of high educational standards and rich experience once slumped into the mire of the “Falun Gong” cult. Yet it is also gratifying and thought- provoking that he is able to find his way back after losing direction and then firmly cut himself off from the cult.

Taking another look at “Falun Gong” after having shaken it off, Chen Bin concludes, in his own words, that the so-called “Falun Dafa” is made up of a hotchpotch of pseudo-science and cultish fallacies and heresies and is an out-and-out cult. The fallacies and heresies put forth by [Falun Gong founder] Li Hongzhi and his “Falun Gong”, including such absurdities as “eliminating the karma”, “exalting to a higher level”, “learning the Law”, “propagating the Law”, “protecting the Law”, and “attaining all-round fulfilment”, are spiritual shackles clamping tightly around “Falun Gong” practitioners and being added one layer at a time in a step-by-step manner. Using these spiritual shackles, Li Hongzhi imposes spiritual control on practitioners, making them lose their sensibility and personality and eventually turning them into “tools” which can be used by him at will.

Those who have wriggled out of “Falun Gong’s” spiritual control are usually able to strike back at “Falun Gong’s” weakest point. A converted Chen Bin detects that weakest point. He says: For the obsessors, the first step towards conversion, which is also the first step towards smashing cultish spiritual shackles, is to become aware that Li Hongzhi is no “deity” but a “human being” – in particular, a bad human being. Li Hongzhi has been criticizing the “10 evils” and whatnot in today’s society, yet he allows “Dafa disciples” to commit acts ranging from such minor ones as ruining the obsessors and wrecking the obsessors’ families to such major ones as directly opposing the government and undermining normal social order. Li Hongzhi claims that “Buddhas that are of a higher order do not destroy principles observed by human society.” Yet he let “Dafa disciples” use the pretexts of “clarifying the truth” and “sending forth righteous thoughts” to savagely undermine law and social stability, going from the country to abroad and then from overseas back to the country. Li Hongzhi vilifies human society, citing deteriorating moral standards, yet it is him and his cult “Falun Gong” that are trampling on human moral principles and conscience. Chen Bin is right in saying that Li Hongzhi makes “Falun Gong” practitioners pursue a course of transforming from a good person to a bad person, instead of the other way round. Li Hongzhi is truly a moral swindler, an economic crook, and a political con artist.

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