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bullet It’s not the celebrities in Scientology that matter — it’s why so many more have left, says Skip Press, who at one time was a staff member at the cult’s ‘Celebrity Centre’.

Here’s why Scientology goes after the rich and famous.

bullet Did you know that Scientology is a space alien cult?Apparently founder L. Ron Hubbard had a lot of trouble telling truth and fiction apart.

bullet How did someone like that become a “New York Times best-selling author“? Because his books do sell. Smoke and mirrors, anyone?

bullet Speaking of space aliens, the Raelian Movement — the world’s largest UFO religionwants to rehabilitate the swastika.

That has been tried before. But the Raelians actually use a Star of David interlaced with a Swastika as their symbol — something that has hindered their plans to build an “interplanetary embassy” in Israel.

Cult head Rael, former French racing car driver Claude Vorilhon, believes the ancient race of aliens he refers to as the Elohim created the human race in what is now Israel. He has claimed that the Elohim will return as soon as the embassy has been built.

Other publicity stunts the group has come up with: claiming to have produced the world’s first cloned baby; promoting the freedom to go topless; and a laudable effort to rid the world of female genital mutilation.

bullet Are lab-created burgers religion-proof?

bullet Two students and their rabbi/attorney/father, Barry Silver, have filed a lawsuit against their school district, claiming that it fails to teach evolution and so-called truths about religions. Yes, in Florida.

bullet What do you do when you believe the U.S. government interferes in your religion? Why, you set sail — literally — in search of a better place.

Hannah Gastonguay, 26, says that she, her husband Sean, 30, along with his father, Mike, and daughters, 3-year-old Ardith and baby Rahab sailed off last May after they had “decided to take a leap of faith and see where God led us.”

Back to the States, it appears.

They aimed for the tiny island nation of Kiribati — about halfway between Hawaii and Australia — but, in Hannah’s words, ended up in the “twilight zone.” Lacking proper navigational skills, they didn’t touch land for 3 months before they were eventually rescued.

According to the Associated Press, though they don’t attend a church,

Hannah Gastonguay said her family was fed up with government control in the U.S. As Christians they don’t believe in “abortion, homosexuality, in the state-controlled church,” she said.

U.S. “churches aren’t their own,” Gastonguay said, suggesting that government regulation interfered with religious independence.

Among other differences, she said they had a problem with being “forced to pay these taxes that pay for abortions we don’t agree with.”

bullet Iran is trying to recruit Latin Americans by luring them to religious classes that one former student describes as an immersion course in “anti-Americanism and Islam.”

The Washington Post says that

In recent years, the program has brought hundreds of Latin Americans to Iran for intensive Spanish-language instruction in Iranian religion and culture, much of it supervised by a man who is wanted internationally on terrorism charges, according to U.S. officials and experts.

bullet Meanwhile, scholars at EMU debate whether Islam is a religion of peace.

Kind of depends on which flavor of Islam we’re talking about. keeps track of the decidely unpeaceful variety.

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