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bullet For the past two decades a religious sect of Christianity that calls itself The Holy Church has been building ‘Solomon’s Temple’ — a successor to the original Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem mentioned in the Old Testament — in the Indian state of Mizoram.

According to the Indian Express,

The sect believes Mizoram is the Biblical “city in the East”, “the hidden Jerusalem” where, according to prophecy, the resurrected Jesus Christ will dwell before establishing an “eternal kingdom” in present-day Jerusalem.

bullet That will come as news to those who believe the Third Temple will be build on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

bullet Assisted Suicide, or Euthanasia, is the most polarized issue in the USA, with 45 percent saying it is morally acceptable and 48 percent saying it is wrong.

Note, though, that support varies according to the way the question is phrased.

If you’re researching the issue, ReligionLink has a helpful collection of resources on the topic.

bullet Speaking of the way things are phrased, I’d stay away from the ‘Christian’ LifeSiteNews website. The way those folks ‘report’ about Euthanasia in the Netherlands, our home base, is sensationalist at best.

bullet Speaking of moral issues…

What the verdict says, to the astonishment of tens of millions of us, is that you can go looking for trouble in Florida, with a gun and a great deal of racial bias, and you can find that trouble, and you can act upon that trouble in a way that leaves a young man dead, and none of it guarantees that you will be convicted of a crime.
The Atlantic on the George Zimmerman verdict

bullet Religious leaders are calling for peaceful activism in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case.

bullet William Sims Bainbridge, a sociologist who has been studying religion for more than 40 years, “has logged more than 3,000 hours in more than 30 online games to find that religion — albeit fictional, often fantastical religion — is a powerful force in many of the intricate virtual worlds where some gamers spend their time.”

In his latest book, “eGods: Faith Versus Fantasy in Computer Gaming,” he describes and discusses the religions of 41 games. Among other things, he looks at the rise of cults and belief systems within the gameworlds (and how this relates to cults in the real world).

Believing that today as in ancient times faith is inseparable from fantasy, the book is informed by Bainbridge’s own atheism.

bullet AP reports that

Only six people have applied to become members of a board of trustees that would be given control of a state-run trust that once belonged to Warren Jeffs’ polygamist sect on the Arizona-Utah border and holds an estimated $118 million, Utah court officials said.

The United Effort Plan trust has been a hot potato for the state of Utah, and with the FLDS cult’s lunatic, jailed leader still pulling strings few people believe the dust will now settle.

bullet In the Eighties and Nineties cult apologists — academic defenders of a range of alternative religions — unsuccessfully tried their best to get rid of the term “cult”.

Today there’s a somewhat similar, albeit broader and different, move on the word “religion“:

Sociologists say that we are increasingly divided over religion’s place in public life but that when it comes to language, Americans are moving in one direction: toward a new vernacular.

We’re no longer “religious.” We’re “holy.” We’re “faithful.” We’re “spiritual.” We talk about what “the gospel compels us to do” or “gospel living.” Or “sabbatical living” and “God-oriented behavior.”

Michelle Boorstein documents that this is true across the ideological range, but for different reasons.

bullet And now the word “pagan” is getting a makeover as well — but Religion News Service says not everyone got the memo.

bullet Be honest: how much do you actually know about Paganism?

bullet Public Service Announcement: You don’t have to stop your car when Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski honks his horn, yells, and flashes a badge at you.

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