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[Tuesday, February 25, 2003] Here are your choices: The biggest hoaxes or the biggest reproductive changes in human history. Fresh from making unproven claims about cloning babies, the Raelians have announced their intent to create an artificial womb called “Babytron.”

“His Holiness Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has just asked Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, who is in charge of the Clonaid project and who has announced the birth of the first five cloned babies, to create a new company involved in the development of ‘artificial wombs,'” reads a Raelian press release.

Rael has asked Boisselier to launch a project called Surrogaid (Website coming soon) aimed at developing an artificial womb to allow people to clone babies without using a surrogate mother.

“‘Babytron’ will enable the growth of a child, cloned or not, from its conception to birth and this, entirely in a machine that will provide the foetus with all the nutritional elements and the stimuli required for its development,” say the Raelians. “Then, the machine will also allow the growth of completely new animals and ultimately, the growth of entirely synthetic human beings such as the ones that were once created by the Elohim when they created the first humans.” (The Raelians believe that aliens called Elohim created humans about 25,000 years ago using biotechnology.)

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The idea of an artificial womb is not new, and several artificial wombs are in development.

Last February, for example, scientists reported growing human embryos in laboratory wombs ( ).

And as far back as 1997, Japanese scientists reported the creation of an artificial goat womb for incubating fetuses, and at the time said that a human version could be available within 10 years.

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