Scientology: A history of violence

Next week we begin a four-part investigation into allegations made by a number of former high ranking members of the Church of Scientology.

The allegations are about physical abuse they say took place within the Sea Organization, the international management branch of the church.

These former members, many of whom dedicated their lives to Scientology, allege that the leader of the church, David Miscavige, has used physical violence against a number of Sea Organization members. The church adamantly denies these allegations, and back up their denials with numerous affidavits and testimonials defending Mr. Miscavige and attacking those who are speaking out.

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Interestingly, the church spokesman, Tommy Davis, admits there was a history of violence in the Sea Organization, but the people he blames for it are those who are making the allegations against David Miscavige.

For the record, I just want to point out that this series is not about the beliefs or activities of the Church of Scientology. It is not about the religion or the vast majority of Scientologists. This series simply has to do with what some former high ranking church officials say went on within the upper management of the church, and what happened to them when they left the church.

– Source / Full Story: Scientology: A history of violence, Anderson Cooper, CNN, Mar. 25, 2010– Summarized by Religion News Blog

OK, Anderson […] try to follow this. OF COURSE it’s about the beliefs of the “vast majority” of Scientologists. (“Vast majority”? More and more evidence suggests that there are about 20,000 active Scientologists, worldwide.) The CORE BELIEFS of this abomination of a “church” have people giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars and impoverishing themselves in every damn way — by not only forking over all their cash but also alienating family members and friends — while following a nonsensical rubric of “training” that promises them superhuman powers if they’ll just believe that a hack science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, somehow unlocked the mysteries of the human brain. And then, only after they’ve invested a decade of their lives and hocked everything they own, do they find out that Hubbard, while hopped up on various stimulants, “discovered” that all of our problems are caused by disembodied space alien souls clinging to our bodies.

The beliefs of these morons are crucial because it’s their beliefs that allow the perpetuation of what is essentially a criminal business enterprise, a fact that has been established over and over in courts around the world.

This somewhat amusing sideshow, that the church’s highest member allegedly gets rough with his underlings, and that Scientology is also ruthless with the tiny number of Sea Org members around the world, is hardly as important as the basics of the “religion” itself and how Scientology has manipulated the U.S. government into subsidizing their mafia scheme with tax-exempt status.

– Source / Full Story: Anderson Cooper Plans Latest Misguided Slam on Scientology, Opinion, Tony Ortega, The Village Voice, Mar. 25, 2010 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

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