Sex cult leader promised followers bumper banana crop; splits when police arrives

A sex cult – whose members were promised a bumper banana crop if they engage in public sex – has surfaced in a Papua New Guinea province, local newspaper The Post Courier reports.

Sex cult vows banana bonus

The Banana Cult is headed by a man from Yamine village.

The man and his followers have been engaged in illicit public sex for the past four months and have forced other villagers under threat of violence to participate.

The cult activities were brought to light by Yamine village court chairman Titus Namusa who escaped captivity one night and walked 12 hours to Wau to report the matter.

According to Mr Namusa, the villagers resorted to cult activities, claiming the government had forgotten them.

Mr Namusa said the cultists believed that their banana fruit would multiply 10-fold every time they had sex in public.

Held captive in a hut for nearly four months, Mr Namusa escaped in the middle of the night and walked to Wau where he reported the alleged cult activity to
the council manager Tae Guambelek who alerted police.

“The people are armed and we will move in there and talk to them and will also apprehend the cult leader and bring him back to Wau to be formally arrested
and charged for the alleged illegal activities,” Insp Busil added.

Mr Namusa confirmed the cult movement and said young men and women including married couples were walking around naked and having sex in public places
without being ashamed of themselves.

“The leader told the people that they have not seen any government services and have resorted to other means of seeing services trickling down to their door
steps and ordered about 10 people to get involved in the alleged activity,” Mr Namusa said.

– Source / Full Story: Sex cult vows banana bonus, Sampson Bonai, Post Courier, Papua New Guinea, Sep. 11, 2009 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

The man and his followers fled naked into the wilderness when police tried to arrest them over the weekend, the Post Courier newspaper reported.

Cult leader escapes

Insp Busil said they arrived at 7pm after departing Hidden Valley gold mine.

“We arrived at the village and were escorted by an informant and moved into his house. “We moved to his house at 5am and surrounded it at 5:15am., I called out his name and asked him to come out as we wanted to ask him about his alleged cult activity he was involved,” he said.

Insp Busil said the leader heard them and opened the door briefly and when he realised police presence, he quickly closed the door. After he closed the door, he refused to talk to the policemen and one minute later the door opened and he forced one of his naked wives out of the house.

“The shocked woman came out and stood naked in front of us and a few seconds later the leader and seven of his followers, including another one of his wives and three of his male followers including a small boy, opened the door and rushed out of the house naked and dashed for the nearby bushes.

He used his two wives as a human shield to avoid being shot at by the policemen. They were called on to surrender but they refused. Police were ordered to fire warning shots and he took cover behind his wives.

“Sensing our lives were in danger, we exchanged fire with them and we immediately moved out from the village to avoid any possible confrontation with them,” he said.

– Source / Full Story: Cult leader escapes, Sampson Bonai, Post Courier, Papua New Guinea, Sep. 15, 2009 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

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