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Turnabout is fair play?

A fatwa originating from Turkey has given women the right to strike their husbands in cases of self-defense. … Fethullah Gulen, a prominent religious figure in Turkey, ruled that it is within women’s rights to defend themselves by countering violence with violence, and that women should learn martial arts such as Karate, Judo and Taekwondo to defend themselves against violent husbands.

Alright, so martial arts are OK for Muslism in Turkey. But if you happen to be a Muslim in Malaysia, stay away from yoga!

Muslims in Malaysia to be banned from yoga classes

Malaysian Muslims will be barred from practising or propagating yoga from next Friday when the National Fatwa Council will issue a ruling. … Many Muslim practitioners and teachers of yoga have opposed the ruling. The Hindus, the settlers from India from whom most of the yoga practitioners come, say it is open to the instructors and practitioners to keep religion out of yoga. … The debate in Muslim majority Malaysia was triggered after a lecturer, Zakaria Stapa of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Islamic Studies Centre advised Muslims who had taken up yoga to stop practising it for fear that they could deviate from the teachings of Islam.



In Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, famous atheist Richard Dawkins stated that he believes life on earth may have originated from Extra Terrestrials.


Depending on your political leanings, Dawkins’ ETs may or may not be all that intelligent:

John McCain claims support from aliens

John McCain is anticipating a little extraterrestrial help on Tuesday. At a rally in Roswell, New Mexico, the Republican presidential candidate worked some local color into his speech. “I’ve been to Roswell before and I know of the alien landing, and I am pleased to announce that I have received the alien endorsement.”

Obama also has his supporters from outside the US:

Obama has the support of Peruvian faith-healers

Barack Obama apparently can count on the support of a majority of Peruvian faith healers. Each of the 11 shamans in a Peruvian faith-healing organization said Wednesday that they have foreseen victory in the U.S. presidential race: nine for Democrat Obama and two for his Republican rival John McCain. Blowing incense over a sacred llama fetus perched on a bed of coca leaves next to posters of the leading candidates, the shamans shook rattles, chanted “up, Obama, up!” and threw flowers at their images.

Devotion Gone Wrong

Jesus statue pits landlord against tenant

For Daniel Long, the four-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ outside his apartment’s patio door is a symbol of his faith and devotion. For the owners of the Colonial Crest apartment complex where Long lives on Muncie’s west side, the statue is a potential violation of federal fair housing laws and a possible affront to people of other religious beliefs. … “I think of Him 24 hours a day,” Long said. “I want to have Him with me 24 hours a day.” The 24-hour nature of Long’s display — which included a spotlight that cast a shadow of the statue on the wall of Long’s building — was part of the concern that prompted Colonial Crest manager Mike Desloover to send two letters telling Long to remove the statue.


Twenty Ways to Answer Someone If You Have No Case

These are field-tested methods for diverting attention from the lack of substance in your argument. Never be stuck again for a snappy comeback!


We thought this headline promised more than the story delivered:

Retired steelworker saves Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary has found another home. More than two years after the relief sculpture was severely damaged during its move, it has been repaired and placed in Paul Scorti’s backyard on Bannon Court in Middletown.

Worst-Case Scenario

Overheard in Amsterdam’s Tram 5 as we passed Scientology’s local office (which almost always looks deserted):

“I suppose the worst-case scenario for Scientologists would be if L. Ron Hubbard were to be reincarnated as a cult expert.”

Actually, there’s nothing funny about Scientology.

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