Peaceful Demostrator Punched by Scientologist at Los Angeles Event

Peaceful Demostrator Punched by Scientologist at Los Angeles Event

On Sunday evening, October 12, a masked Anonymous, peacefully demonstrating on L Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles with other Anons, was assaulted by a member of the Church of Scientology. Police were called and the unidentified Scientologist was handcuffed. Charges are pending at press time.

Kendrick Moxon, Scientology’s attorney was present but did not make a statement for the record.

Here is the report from the Anonymous protester who was assaulted:

“A few minutes after we arrived at Big Blue, a scientologist came out of nowhere and punched the sided of my face. It was a loud punch as the mask crackled. We have two witnesses and I started filming right after the event as we followed this man, while we called the cops. After the scientologist tried lying, the LAPD cop realized his story did not make match and made him admit he hit me without provocation and at which point he handcuffed him€¦There was absolutely no provocation on my part. The guy came from behind me, punched me and tried to get away. Most of the events immediately following the events are on film, taken with better cameras than mine.”

Just in case you though Scientology was a religion…
Fair Game: the notorious Scientology policy describing how to deal with critics, ex-members, and other undesirables dehumanized with the label ”Suppressives”; they may be ”Sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed,” as per policy. A more recent policy has banished the WORDS ”Fair Game”, but the policy of what to do to these ”SPs” or ”Suppressives” cannot ever be cancelled, as it is Hubbardian scripture, and his words cannot ever be altered in any way per Scientology’s policy.
ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ
• Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is the source of the unethical policies.

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This is not the first time a peaceful protester has been assaulted by Scientologists in Los Angeles. On July 12, at a fast food restaurant next to LRH Way, a woman demonstater was shoved, grabbed and scratched by former voice over actress Noelle North, a prominent member of Scientology who is an adjunct professor at Pasadena Community College. Charges have been pressed in that case, but no arrest was made at the time of the incident.

In San Francisco, ex-Scientologist Tommy Gorman was punched by a Scientologist while protesting. Other assaults have occurred in San Francisco, Battle Creek, MI, Toronto, OT, and elsewhere internationally.

L. Ron Hubbard Way has become the focus of international attention in the past month. Uwe Stuckenbrock, a German national and former International Security Chief of Scientology, reportedly died October 8 of multiple sclerosis while on Rehabilitation Project Force in building attached to the Scientology compound on L. Ron Hubbard Way. RPF is a form of punishment, including reduced rations and hard labor, meted out to the elite Scientology Sea Organization religious workers for perceived crimes against Scientology.

Despite his medical condition, Stuckenbrock had been assigned to RFP for at least 5 years on L Ron Hubbard Way and had been treated at USC County General on welfare funds, as Sea Org members are not provided with health care or health insurance by the Church of Scientology; Sea Org members, who must sign a contract which is binding through eons of reincarnations, are paid less than $50 a week. Scientology’s assets–which include vast properties around the world and a cruise ship, plus cash and copyrights–are estimated to be worth over a billion dollars, though because of the shadowy nature of the tax exempt organization and its tax exempt front groups, exact figures are difficult to calculate. Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, recently donated $10 million dollars to the Church; other celebrity members who have made million-plus dollar donations include Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

On September 17, L Ron Hubbard Way received major media coverage and drew international interest after a resident of L. Ron Hubbard Way and an Anonymous free speech activist spoke before Los Angeles City Council to ask that Scientology’s motion to close LRH Way, a public street, every weekend for a year be denied. The Church wanted to continue to hold private parties every week which they had done for at least two years. This was the first time residents realized they had legislative recourse and means to end the loud noise, driveway blockages, and harassment they had endured.

A video of the meeting and a television news report were posted online, drawing thousands of views and numerous comments from around the world. The Church of Scientology has since withdrawn their request and the street remains open on weekends, much to the dismay of Scientologists and relief of the residents.

For video updates on this most recent event go to:

For information on Anonymous and Scientology, visit

– Source: Peaceful Demostrator Punched by Scientologist at Los Angeles Event, Brendon Walsh, San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, Oct. 13, 2008
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