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We’re still enormously busy offline, so here’s another issue of RNB QuickLinks (thanks for the kudos regarding the initial issue, y’all).

Religious insanity, Al Qu’aeda style

Besides the terrible killings inflicted by the fanatics on those who refuse to pledge allegiance to them, Al-Qa’eda has lost credibility for enforcing a series of rules imposing their way of thought on the most mundane aspects of everyday life.

They include a ban on women buying suggestively-shaped vegetables, according to one tribal leader in the western province of Anbar.

Sheikh Hameed al-Hayyes, a Sunni elder, told Reuters: “They even killed female goats because their private parts were not covered and their tails were pointed upward, which they said was haram.

“They regarded the cucumber as male and tomato as female. Women were not allowed to buy cucumbers, only men.”

Other farcical stipulations include an edict not to buy or sell ice-cream, because it did not exist in the time of the Prophet, while hair salons and shops selling cosmetics have also been bombed.

– Source: Al-Qa’eda in Iraq alienated by cucumber laws and brutality, Telegraph, UK, Aug. 8, 2008

But look! Someome, somewhere is still having fun:

According to the August 10 issue of the Chicago Tribune, “There are 88 Google hits and 236 Yahoo hits for ‘tap-dancing militant Islamic fundamentalists,’ for those comparing search engines.”

We’re intrigued. Are they preparing for that great ballroom in the sky?

Go Topless
We cover a lot of cults at Religion News Blog, including one that want to uncover something (warning for those of you in North America: topless means, well, topless. Move on to the next item, please):

Welcome to Gotopless.org! – We are a US organization, claiming that women have the same constitutional right to be bare chested in public places as men.

Rael, spiritual leader and founder of gotopless.org states: “as long as men can be topless, constitutionally women should have the same right, or men should also be forced to wear something hiding their chest.”

– Source: GoTopless.org

Rael is, of course, the spiritual leader of The Raelian Movement. You know: the sect that believes humans were created by extra-terrestrial beings who had mastered genetic engineering. And whose Clonaid company claimed to be the first to have cloned a baby.

Speaking of space aliens…

Listen to this excerpt from a recent radio broadcast on the subject of Scientology:

The YouTuber’s description:

On the show, they had a guest host, Pat Thurston and she had a guest on a Scientologist Critic who is also a lawyer by the name of Ford Greene. The Show was supposed be on for a hour or two but they extended because of the popularity of the topic till 1am the next morning. So it was 3 hours long. In 3 hours, Mr. Greene told everything in so much detail that it was unbelievable. He mentioned every single thing that we have been talking about for 7 months and he knows about the Anonymous Movement. The host said that this is the SCIENTOLOGY CULT, fireworks just happen since those first words.

Global Protest Against Scientology

Happening at a place near you.

Smokers’ Church fined

The owner of a café Lindeboom in the Dutch city of Alkmaar has been fined for allowing customers to smoke inside. Lindeboom is a member of the Enige en Universele Rokerskerk — The Only and Universal Smokers Church of God — a religious movement, whose founder has insisted that the Dutch smoking ban does not apply to members of his church under national and European human rights legislation.

Liam Gallagher (Oasis) on religion

“I don’t pray and I don’t go to church but I’m intrigued by it, I dig it. I’m into the idea that there could be a God and aliens and reincarnation and some geezer years ago turning water into wine. I don’t believe when you die, you die. All the beautiful people who have been and gone, Lennon, Hendrix, they’re somewhere else, man. Whether it’s here or whether it’s there, they’re doing some musical thingummyjig. They got to be somewhere else, haven’t they? I’d like it if everyone were all right at the end of it.”

– Source: Liam Gallagher on celebrity, fatherhood and hating Coldplay, Robert Crampton, The Times, UK, Aug. 9, 2008

Pagan Temple Found in Ancient Jewish Village in Israel

The discovery shows that the city of Zippori housed a significant pagan population which built a temple in the city center during the Roman period. A church from the later Byzantine period sits on top of the ancient temple. The new finding not only sheds light the religious life, culture and society in Roman and Byzantine Zippori, but also indicates that Jews, pagans and later Christians lived together and developed their hometown with various buildings.

Don’t follow my example

According to the BBC, “Nigerian Mohammed Bello Abubakar, 84, has advised other men not to follow his example and marry 86 women. The former teacher and Muslim preacher, who lives in Niger State with his wives and at least 170 children, says he is able to cope only with the help of God.”

“A man with 10 wives would collapse and die, but my own power is given by Allah. That is why I have been able to control 86 of them,” he told the BBC.

He says his wives have sought him out because of his reputation as a healer.

“I don’t go looking for them, they come to me. I will consider the fact that God has asked me to do it and I will just marry them.”

But such claims have alienated the Islamic authorities in Nigeria, who have branded his family a cult.

– Source: Nigerian advises against 86 wives, Andrew Walker, BBC, UK, Aug. 9, 2008

Very alternative health

When it comes to bizarre therapies, this week’s — the Dawson Program — is top of the list.

Developed more than 35 years ago, the technique, which is also known as Vibrational Kinesiology, treats a patient by correcting the malfunctions in their electrical field using sounds, affirmations, intention and semi-precious stones.

– Source: Bizarre, but it works brilliantly, Niamh Hooper, Independent.ie, Ireland, Aug. 11, 2008
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