RNB Quicklinks: Scientology, Anne Rice, Coldplay, Bahai… and more

OK, here’s something a tad different from our RNB Roundups: RNB Quicklinks. Most of them have some connection to the issues we usually cover in Religion News Blog. Interspersed with some miscellaneous stuff. Like so:

Anonymous Vs. Scientology
Read the feature article in the August issue of Maxim.

Knight Templar
The Knights Templar are demanding that the Vatican give them back their good name and, possibly, billions in assets into the bargain, 700 years after the order was brutally suppressed by a joint venture between the Pope and the King of France.

Scotland: More than a dozen UFO sightings were reported to police after partygoers attached candles to balloons and released them into the night sky.

Death of Mexican preacher a mystery
The enigmatic preacher caused a stir when he erected a 75-foot-high statue honoring the Santa Muerte (Saint Death), a hooded skeletal figure with a scythe. Now his own slaying, under mysterious circumstances, has Mexico buzzing this week.

George Bush
Pot, Kettle, Black: Bush Rebukes China’s Human Rights Record.

Also: Journalist Ron Suskind says Bush ordered forgery linking Saddam, al-Qaeda. Suskind’s book: The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism

Beat Your Swords Into Razorblades
Hamas men insult Fatah rival…by shaving his mustache.

Listen to the Music
Listen to some tunes while you surf:

BigL is part of a European wave of nostalgia harking back to the days of offshore ‘pirate’ radio — in this case evoking memories of Radio London. Faithful listeners tend to have a cult-like devotion to these stations.

That’s not Art
Religious art prize judge quits in disgust over the inclusion of a crucifixion painted by the artist Adam Cullen.

Ruth Gledhill, blogging at The Times (London) provides some background to Rowan Williams’ latest comments: Archbishop Rowan: gay sex comparable to ‘marriage’

Only in America
Church-backed border worker who left water in desert faces federal prison: “A volunteer with a faith-based humanitarian aid group in Arizona that receives support from Presbyterians is facing jail time or a fine after leaving 25 water jugs in the desert for undocumented border-crossers.

Magistrate Judge Bernardo Velasco of U.S. District Court is considering whether Daniel Millis, 29, is guilty of littering in Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge by leaving the one-gallon plastic jugs filled with drinking water.”

Coldplay Takes On the Pope: “One of the things that I hoped to accomplish with my two books The Rock & Roll Rebellion, Faith, God & Rock ‘n’ Roll and my next, Rock Gets Religion, was to encourage artists to use their music to grapple with the big issues of life. Theology, the study of our beliefs about God is of course one of those big issues of life that smart people like to sit around and speculate about, and U2 has always done a good job of talking theology, albeit obliquely. … So when I began to hear Chris Martin at my gym singing about St. Peter not calling his name I was intrigued. What in the world was he singing about? A lot it turns out. It seems that a debate is already raging in cyberspace about his band Coldplay and its song ‘Viva La Vida.’

In May, six leaders of the Bahai community were arrested in Tehran; they remain incommunicado. The arrests are but the latest ripple in an undercurrent of decades-old hatred directed at a faith regarded as a Muslim heresy: A Campaign of Persecution Against a Faith of Tolerance

In-House Stuff (Church related. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…)

We thought about sub-titling this, “Christians are people,too.” There. We said it.

Emerging Church
Pharisees, Sadducees and the Emerging Church

See Also: Indepth report on the Emerging Church

Interview with the former vampire
Anne Rice, famous for such erotic novels as The Vampire Chronicles, has in recent years returned to the Catholicism of her childhood and begun work on a series of novels about the life of Jesus Christ. The first volume, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, received a less-than-positive review in the pages of First Things. But the second volume, Christ the Lord: On the Road to Cana, was better received. Here is an interview she gave to Fr. Dwight Longenecker exclusively for First Things.

Richard Abanes / Ken Silva
Bene Diction shows where the heads and tails are in the online controversy: Silva, Albanes and bad behavior

Racing for Jesus
How God-fearing drivers and a national ministry bring faith to NASCAR

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