TV rabbit preaches hatred. Tells young Muslims to kill and eat Jews

The TV rabbit preaching hatred and telling young Muslims to ‘kill and eat Jews’

An Islamic TV station using a Bugs Bunny lookalike to preach hatred to children has been slammed by religious leaders in the UK who fear it could brainwash vulnerable British children.

Assud the rabbit, who vows to ‘kill and eat Jews’ and glorifies the maiming of ‘infidels’ appears on Palestinian children’s show, Tomorrow’s Pioneers.

The rabbit is a number of characters who is punished by viewer’s vote when he breaches Sharia law.

In one episode, Assud admits stealing money and is seen begging for mercy after young viewers and parents phone in demanding his hands are cut off as punishment.

At that point the 11-year-old presenter intervenes – and rules that the bunny should only have his ears severed because he has repented.

The rabbit is played by an actor in fancy dress and is one of the main characters on the show broadcast in Gaza by the al-Aqsa channel – known as Hamas TV.

Religious leaders across the UK have today spoken out against the controversial show which can be viewed via satellite.

The programme is also easily viewed on internet sites such as YouTube, sparking fears that British children could be subjected to the radical Islamic message.

The Association of Muslim Schools, which represents the UK’s 143 Muslim schools, said it was opposed to any shows that incite violence.

Spokesman Dr Mohamed Mukadam said: ‘It goes without saying that any programme which promotes the killing or injuring of human beings is wrong.

‘Regardless of religion, shows that incite or inspire others to inflict violence of any kind should be condemned.

‘Such shows are against the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, and we would urge people of all ages not to watch them.’

The ‘religion of peace’ brainwashes kids with its hatred.

History shows that violence played an important role in Muhammad’s life — and that this violence has inspired so-called ‘radical Muslims‘ to use violence themselves in order to further their interpretation of Islam’s goals.

The use of violence by Muhammed is documented from historical sources in the article Muhammad, Islam, and Terrorism. The webmaster of Answering Islam, the site where the article is posted, introduces the article as follows:

This article shows the basis for radical, fundamentalist Islam. This is not the only Islam there is. Note also, that this article is linked under the heading of “Understanding Islamic Terrorism”, not under the title of “Understanding Islam”.

Apart from many peaceful Muslims who are themselves unaware of the material presented below, there are also educated, moderate Muslims who do not agree with such terrorist acts and interpret these passages of the Qur’an and these precedents in the life of Muhammad differently. They would not interpret them as justifying atrocities as committed by Islamic terrorist groups. The problem is that those Muslims who oppose the radicals are themselves in danger and fear of becoming the target of the radicals in Islam.

Ignoring the “violent passages” in the Qur’an and Muslim traditions will not be the solution. The Islamic community has to confront the terrorists in their midst in word and deed, by bringing them to justice and by opposing their interpretation of Islam, if they believe it is not the true interpretation.

We call for all Muslims to unmistakenly distance themselves from terrorist acts AND by giving the real meaning of these passages and precedents presented below, to confront and excommunicate those who hold this violent Islam to be the only true Islam. As long as the Muslim community does NOT confront and stop them, they cannot complain that “the non-Muslims are misrepresenting Islam” and are biased and islamophobic.

– Source: Muhammad, Islam, and Terrorism, Introduction.

Eat Danish?

Set up as a regional station prior to the Palestinian elections in January 2006, al-Aqsa TV now airs on a satellite slot.

It broadcasts what many call a mixture of news of Islamic propaganda, but has picked up a substantial following across the Arabic-speaking world.

During one show broadcast in February, Assud vows to kill and eat all Danish people over the cartoon images of the Prophet Muhammad which appeared in a newspaper.

He also pledges to assassinate the illustrator and Saraa also agrees that she would martyr herself for the cause of Palestine.

The show is regularly translated and posted online by The Middle East Media Research Institute, an independent media monitoring group based in the United States.

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