July 12: Global Scientology Protest… Your Mission: Spy vs Sci

The next in series of global Anonymous vs. Scientology protests will take place this Saturday, July 12.

Focus of the protest will be Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

The Office of Special Affairs is Scientology’s Secret Service. OSA is officially the Church’s “terminal” [communications point] for non-Scientologists, including government, the media, and the general public. Internally known as “Department 20”, OSA is charged with favorable Public Relations (PR), investigating threats to Scientology, and then “handling” [neutralizing] those threats.

Department 20 was responsible for Operation Snow White, an ill-advised scheme to purge US Government files of “Black” information against Scientology. Scientology was caught in the late 1970s, and many Scientologists in the Guardian Office (Department 20’s name at the time) went to prison. Mary Sue Hubbard, Worldwide Guardian and wife of L. Ron Hubbard, was denounced by the Church and declared a Suppressive Person in a sham attempt by Scientology to “come clean”. In fact, Mary Sue Hubbard lives quite comfortably and free from standard Suppressive Person “handling” by the Church, and may perhaps be the beneficiary of a secret deal which transferred Hubbard’s copyrights to the Religious Technology Corporation.

– Source: OSA Network Orders

Spy vs Sci: License to Lulz | July 12, 2008

The purpose of Operation Spy vs. Sci is to disseminate sensitive Intel. We must demonstrate our superior intelligence gathering and data processing talents both to recruit and to demoralize and ultimately defeat the OSA.

The mission is to remain TOP SECRET until a designated time, at which point we will initiate a BLACK PR campaign, planting articles about how seriously OSA is losing the game, how absurd it is for a ‘religion’ to have an intelligence agency, and how OSA engages in illegal and immoral behavior while prosecuting their spy-games.

To find a local protest in your area please click here.

– Source: Enturbulation.org

Your Mission: Spy vs Sci — Details of the global protest against the Church of Scientology

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