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As of today, June 23, 2008, Religion News Blog has switched to a somewhat different format than we have used until now.

Instead of posting full news items, we are now providing news roundups — quoting from, and linking to, a variety of news stories on a given subject (e.g. Scientology, FLDS, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etcetera).

As before, we include links to additional research resources on the topics covered.

The new format was decided upon for a number of reasons. We analyzed how readers were using Religion News Blog, and took into account feedback received over the years.

We concluded that nowadays most readers of online news services prefer a quick, easy-to-scan/read overview of items from which they can select just the info they are interested in.

Everything worth listening to. All in one place. Pick a plan and start listening for free.

We intend to provide such daily overviews on our traditional, per-topic basis.

We are still tweaking the format. Too, while we’re still on vacation — working the odd hour here and there when we can take advantage of a wifi connection at a beach-side cafe — we’re taking things easy. (Alas, our house-sitters are computer-illiterate…)

That said, our new format will actually allow for more content to be posted than we previously had time for. Therefore, once our vacation is over you can expect additional features to appear at Religion News Blog.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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