Recently Andrew Morton, author of the highly publicized unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise got some unexpected support — from the niece of Scientology’s current leader.

In an open letter to a senior Scientology official that has been widely posted on the Internet, Jenna Miscavige Hill described how her own family was broken apart by the movement’s policies.

Hill’s father is Ron Miscavige, the older brother of David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology.

“Hell, if Scientology can’t keep his family together — then why on earth should anyone believe the church helps brings families together!” she wrote.

Hill, 23, wrote the letter after Scientology attacked writer Andrew Morton’s recently published book “Tom Cruise: an Unauthorised Biography”. The actor is a vocal advocate for the movement and the book gives it extensive coverage.

In a 15-page statement issued on January 14, Karin Pouw, the movement’s public affairs director, denounced the book as a “bigoted defamatory assault replete with lies”.

But in her reply to Pouw, Hill retorted: “I am absolutely shocked at how vehemently you insist upon not only denying the truths that have been stated about the church in that biography, but then take it a step further and tell outright lies.”

In particular she challenges Scientology’s denial that it puts pressure on members to break all contact with relatives who do not support the movement — a practice known as disconnection.

Hill said it was this policy that broke up her own family.
– Source: Niece of Top Scientology leader backs Cruise biography, AFP, Jan. 28, 2008

Karin Pouw simply does what Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard told Scientologists to do:

ALWAYS ATTACK in a press release. Never Defend or Deny
– Source: L. Ron Hubbard, PR Series 24–Handling Hostile Contacts / Dead Agent

Hubbard’s unethical standards have permeated the cult, as seen in such policies as dead agenting and fair game — which encourage Scientologists to engage in acts of hatred, harassment, and other unethical behavior.

Not surprisingly, given L. Ron Hubbard’s lengthy records of lies and fantasies presented as true by the ‘Church’, lying is condoned as well — which is why any official statement from the Church of Scientology should always be taken with a grain (if not a ton) of salt.

Especially destructive is Scientology’s policy of disconnection — examples of which are documented here:

[Disconnection] is one of the worst policies of Scientology that their deceased founder L. Ron Hubbard made up. To “disconnect” means cutting off all communication. Between parents and children, or husband and wife. Regardless what bond one had previously. Scientology does this under a pretext of helping them. In fact it is more a means to keep members ignorant of outside interference/information, which could result in revenue loss for the organization when members would leave because of gaining new perspectives with information previously withheld to them.
– Source: Scientology disconnect policy destroying families

Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw denied the existence of the disconnection policy.

Enter Jenna Miscavige Hill and her open letter in response to Pouw’s denials.

Enter also

Who We Are: Ex-Scientology kids is designed, owned, and operated by three young women who grew up in Scientology, and later left the Church. We feel that growing up in the Scientology environment is a unique experience that’s almost impossible to comprehend unless you’ve lived it yourself. For what it’s worth, we offer non-judgemental support for those who are still in Scientology, discussion and debate for those who’ve already left, and a plethora of easy-to-understand references for the curious.

For the record, while the site admins make every effort to be non-judgemental, that doesn’t mean we’re unbiased. Most of the people that write for this site have had extremely negative experiences in Scientology. Some of us have lost our families due to Scientology’s Disconnection Policy, some of us have experienced physical abuse, and some of us were denied a proper education. However, we do welcome pro-Scientology email, comments and forum posts. There’s even a “no registration required” forum area where anyone may anonymously post questions, comments and advice.
– Source:

Scientology — seen by many as a commercial enterprise engaged in a combination of pseudo-science, fantasy and quackery at best, and a destructive cult at worst — tries hard to pass itself off as a ‘religion’, and its organization as a ‘church.’ The organization claims to promote and support human rights, and its so-called ‘volunteer ministers’ (ambulance chasers, more often than not) come in handy as fillers for the cult’s ‘press releases.’

Meanwhile, by means of the so-called Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights — an ironically-named front group — Scientology wages an extended hate campaign against psychiatry — the professional help many people believe Scientolgists need most.

However, one person who recognizes the destructive nature of Scientology is Kendra Wiseman — one of the three girl who set up Kendra is the daughter of Bruce Wiseman, president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

Sites like present a powerful antidode to Scientology’s marketing tactics.

Additional research resources on Scientology.

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