Man man gets new revelations

The Tularosa man who claims God delivered new revelations to him via an electronic chair “God’s Comfort Chair,” as he calls it handed seven copies of the message, a booklet he called “God’s New Revelations” to his wife, Nelly, on Saturday.

She then distributed them to a small group of people congregating at the gate of the Good Moose Ranch.

Richard Frazier, dressed in a traditional black suit with a string tie and matching hat, rode his gray Arabian stallion, Hindi Shahab, up to the gate.

A woman standing in the small crowd said Frazier had ridden by a few minutes prior to the set time to calm his horse, saying it was nervous.

Frazier barely spoke, reciting the date and time 07-07-07, 7:07 a.m. and little else.

Immediately after the booklets were handed out, Frazier galloped off toward the rising sun which was coming up over the Sacramento Mountains in a fiery blaze.

Keeping with the numerological theme of his previous statements such as the date and time he said he was ordered to deliver his message the revelations contained seven pages.

According to the booklet, the Book of Genesis was written by the Devil for a number of devious reasons, the first being so separate humans from God through fear and prevent

God from speaking to them “But their fear would not let my message be heard,” he writes, claiming the message to be from God.

“This is a warning to humankind, but 10’s (sic) of thousands of fearful scholars, wise men, priests have sought the Devil in every place but where he lives, in Genesis,” the booklet states.

Frazier writes that Genesis “taught humankind to fear God and I cannot communicate with humankind through a veil of fear.” He noted of Genesis, which he states forms a part of the Scriptures in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that “No other scriptures mistaken for Holy have done more to cripple mankind.”

The revelations seem to steer people away from holy books, saying they are no longer relevant.

“I tell you this: Ancient Books are for ancient people and are not reliable guides to living today,” the booklet states.

He goes on to say that “Humankind has come too far too continue to bind your minds with Ancient Scriptures written by ignorant primitive people. Look to your hearts, minds and experience that is where your true wisdom comes.”

The revelations state that the Book of Genesis draws people away from because it teaches them that they are “inherently evil and deserve punishment for being born.”

“Yet you turn from what you know in your heart and trust ancient scriptures and accept logic of ancient fools,” he writes.

He goes on to state that a God who would smite humans would inspire humans to do the same to one another.

He claims that organized religion corrupted the Jesus story, where it is posited that people are, in effect, in control of their destiny, because it did not fit in with their desire to control people.

Another one of Frazier’s revelations is that women have received unfair treatment because of “Devil lies” in the book of Genesis.

“The Devil lies in Genesis caused man to think he was superior in his thinking and logic, blinding him to one of the greatest source (sic) of wisdom man can resource, the wisdom of women. With the ugly lies of Genesis, women were enslaved and degraded and have been branded with marginalized intelligence.”

He writes that churches have accepted the misrepresentation of women as unclean, unworthy and only useful as servants.

Frazier also delivered what he called “new proverbs,” 27 in all.

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