Police Must Act On the Crooks in Our Churches

Somewhere in the story of Jesus it is told that the disciples asked him how they would distinguish false prophets in the end time, and to paraphrase; the Son of Man did answer that we would know them by their works and deeds.

Indeed, the Bible warns us that there will be false prophets of different shades in the last days; they will deceive the nations with their works claiming to be inspired by the spirit of God Almighty. Today, we see miracle men and women all over the place, they have invaded our sitting rooms on television; the minds of many have been twisted by the preacher people – of course, this is not to say that amongst the many hellfire and brimstone preachers wedo not have true evangelicals.

However, the arrest of ‘Pastor’ Obirir Konjo Yeboah while trying to clear an electric charge releasing device at Entebbe Airport Customs Office is a revelation.

Probably, for the very first time our vigilant police may have stumbled upon the explanation to the ‘miraculous’ falling down that has been going on in many churches. Most of us have either seen in real life or watched on television how pastors touch people who then simply collapse!

Despite the miracle falling down, many persons who have purportedly been healed by the touch of this conmen posing as the genuine article have remained sick, others have died.

Ugandans are presently caught up in the global billion dollar industry that television evangelism has become. We urge the police to carry out a no-nonsense inquiry into the activities of all pentecostal and other churches known to indulge their faith in this manner. Pastors who practice the falling down brand of ‘healing’ must subject themselves to police investigation. Whoever objects to this course of action, taken in the public interest, immediately becomes a suspicious character.

One only hopes these people have an idea what that electric charge, though not more than 12 volts, could do to aggravate the health of really sick people? What people like Obiri and their ilk may have been doing is to unwittingly deceive the unsuspecting public, and along the way they may have indulged in homicide.

Luckily for us, we now know what this “chasing out of demons” in the ubiquitous churches may have been about all along. The misrepresentation of the Christian faith by these alleged brethren is criminal under our laws to the extent that a suit of impersonation can be sustained against one such crook. They have deceived our people and looted from them. Now, we strike back.


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, The Monitor, July 9, 2007, http://www.monitor.co.ug

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