Yogis help calm the universe

Several Stockton yogis are bouncing around beneath a golden dome in Iowa this week in an effort to pacify Lebanon. I know. How ’bout a steamin’ hot cup of what the heck did you just say?

I’ll explain. Spokespeople for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, gave special TM practitioners credit last week for improvements in Lebanon, in Gulf Coast weather, the stock market and other cosmically accursed realms.

Their group meditation has calmed the universe, or our little patch of it, the announcement said.

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“Dramatic Decline in U.S. Hurricanes Due to Rise of Coherent National Consciousness created by Group of Yogic Flyers in Washington D.C. and Iowa,” the release went on.

“Yogic flying” – just bear with me – is an advanced branch of TM. Flyers join consciousness in blissful meditation and, they believe, bring calm and harmony to the world.

You may remember how the maharishi’s followers gathered around Washington, D.C., several years ago in a highly publicized attempt to reduce the homicide rate.

Which did go down, by the way, although the cops claimed credit, too. Cops cannot let go of the old paradigm that holds that cops are the reason crime goes down.

For this go-round, 1,400 yogic flyers have assembled in D.C. and on the Fairfield, Iowa, campus of the maharishi’s university, said the announcement.

Transcendental Meditation

“Transcendental Meditation was ruled a religion by the United States District Court, District of New Jersey, Docket No. 76-341 (H.C.M.) Civil Action, in the case of Alan B. Malnak. et al., Plaintiffs, v. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, et al., Defendants, in a summary judgment issued October 19, 1977, followed by an order and judgment, filed December 12, 1977.”
Is TM a religion?

“Positive Effects Also Include an Unexpectedly Strong Economy, a Bullish Stock Market, and Declining Oil, Gas and Gold Prices,” the release modestly added.

Normally, I would beam such a press release swiftly to the Planet Delete. But then I thought of Farkas – Greg Farkas, co-director of Stockton’s TM program. Could Farkas be in on this?

A day after I left him a message, Farkas called – from the maharishi’s Iowa university, where he, his wife, Lani, and others have been since late August.

“Yes, we’re on the course here,” said Farkas, 56, whom I remember as a calm, twinkling fellow. “It’s an Invincible America course at Maharishi University of Management.”

The effort is called Invincible America because yogic flyers create a field of harmonious energy that shields America, they believe.

Farkas expanded. “We’ve been noticing over the last year or two that the coherence or orderliness in the U.S. has been declining quite dramatically,” he said. Meaning the country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Iraq’s going badly, America’s reputation is in the tank, the economy’s rocky and, oh, those hurricanes, another pulverizing procession of which were predicted for this summer.

“We wanted to have an effect on that,” Farkas said.

So hundreds of yogic flyers converged on July 22. The Farkases joined on Aug. 22. Ever since then, they have participated in all-day sessions of group Sidhi meditation.

Sidhi, an ancient Hindu yoga technique, causes cross-legged practitioners to rise into the air in little bounces, which the Maharishi says is levitation but which the unenlightened say is His Holiness bouncing on his backside.

Imagining Farkas and hundreds of others doing this simultaneously makes for quite a visual.

“We’re in a large golden dome on the center of the campus,” Farkas elaborated. “There’s actually two of them. We are sitting on foam. So that when we have these coherent effects”- when, that is, they bounce – “it’s a nice, soft kind of experience.”

Farkas added that everybody faces east, which the ancient Vedic tradition holds is the best for enlivening consciousness.

Farkas sounded pleased with world improvements stroked by waves of energy he is helping to create. He invited others to call the TM listing in the book and join the yogic flyers.

“If people learn the (TM) technique and learn the Sidhi program, the university will finance their staying here,” Farkas said. “And they will be receiving training in the afternoons in computer science.”


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