Sex Slave Leader Claims He Slept With Child-Killer Allitt

A slave “master” was last night at the centre of a media storm, talking to Sunday newspapers about his revelations as his claims became ever more lurid.

Lee Thompson, from Darlington, now says he has a criminal record for sexual offences and even says he enjoyed a master-slave sexual relationship with infamous child-killer Beverley Allitt.

National and international media organisations descended on the doorstep of Lee Thompson, 31, after he told The Northern Echo he trained women as willing slaves for his sexual pleasure as part of mysterious science-fiction sect the Kaotians, based on a series of novels published from the 1960s onwards.

He had lured one 29-year-old woman from Canada. She burnt her passport and only got away from the sect with police help.

Mr Thompson and his 18-yearold “apprentice master”, [name removed — RNB], both left their house in Forster Street and escaped to London after the revelations on Thursday.

Mr Thompson, 31, said he spent time at the notorious mental hospital Rampton, in Nottinghamshire, where he met the “Angel of Death” Beverley Allitt and made her his slave.

Former nurse Allitt was locked up in Rampton in 1993 after she attacked 13 children and killed four.

Mr Thompson, who admits to having “severe psychopathic disorders”, said he was imprisoned in Rampton for breaching a probation order.

He said that as a 16-year-old, he was convicted of having sex with a minor after a relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Mr Thompson, speaking about his time in the hospital, said: “I had three women as my slaves. They were all mine for about six months each.

“I had sex with all of them.

“One of them was Beverley Allitt. We met in Rampton and had a physical relationship.

“I was her master.

“Obviously I could not do all the things I would have liked in there because of where I was, but she was mine.”

A spokesman for Rampton said the hospital did not comment on individual patients.

However, he said male and female patients used to mix at the hospital – although this does not happen now.

In Darlington, news of Mr Thompson’s practices with the Kaotians was met with shock and bewilderment.

Mr Thompson was regularly seen in Darlington walking girls around on leashes.

Staff at David Beck butchers, in the Covered Market, refused to serve him because of his behaviour. Bryan Roberts, a butcher at the stall, said: “I just thought it was degrading and disgusting. You don’t expect that sort of thing in Darlington.

“He just spat at David Beck.”

Mr Thompson admitted spitting at him and said he regretted it.

Sylvia Foster, from Blair and Sons flower stall in the market said: “I just didn’t know what to think. It was definitely unusual.

“With the Internet, it is just too easy for things like that to happen now.

“It is shocking for the children; we do get one or two bairns in here.”

Robin Blair said: “It looks degrading when you see someone walking around on a leash. At first I thought it was a gimmick to make people look at him and get attention.”

Another market trader said:

“The first time I saw her, I thought it was a joke, but when he told her to sit on the floor and beg, I thought, ‘that’s not nice’. She looked pathetic.”

A concerned neighbour from Forster Street said: “This is a Christian country and their choice has been taken away from them.”

A friend of [the apprentice’s] family thanked The Northern Echo for revealing the Kaotian practices.

She said: “I am just hoping this puts a pressure on Lee Thompson so that [the apprentice] can return home to his family.

“I hope it makes parents aware what can happen to teenagers and might stop people in other situations.”

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May 20, 2006
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