FLDS member shares concerns

FLDS member shares concerns

After reading an anonymous letter regarding life inside the FLDS, another member, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of speaking out, sent a long response, rebutting much of what the initial writer said and casting serious doubts as to the legitimacy of FLDS “prophet” Warren Jeffs and his teachings and casts an insider’s look at the allegations against the FLDS, which has compounds in Arizona, Utah, Texas, Colorado and in Bountiful, British Columbia.

In addition, corrections in the chronology of one significant event in the history of the church, the death of former “prophet” Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father, was corrected; instead of 1998 as earlier reported, it turns out the elder Jeffs actually suffered a stroke in 1998, and did not succumb until 2002, when Warren usurped the top spot and allegedly took control of a long-established trust owned by all members of the sect, a trust that owns their homes, their businesses, their very means of living.

While the response is long, it is presented here with only slight modification. The identity of the member is being withheld over strong concerns of reprisal from church leaders, who forbade members of the sect to speak to the media.

A Differing Opinion From a Disenchanted Fundamentalist Latter-day Saint

Theologically, Mormonism in turn is a cult of Christianity
Theologically, the FLDS is also considered to be a cult of Christianity
Sociologically, the FLDS is a high-demand, high-control, destructive cult. Among other things, it teaches and practices polygamy, breaks up families and marriages, and has engaged in arranged and forced marriages.
In contrast to the Mormon Church, the FLDS practices a more original version of Mormonism. Mormonism’s doctrines constantly change in response to outside pressure and realities.

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I was born and raised FLDS and although I still live here, I have no testimony of Warren Jeffs. I suppose I am what you would call a “closet doubter” because if I came out in the open, my family and home would be forfeit and possibly, even my life. I read the article, “FLDS Woman Defends Groups Beliefs” by a woman who doesn’t give her name. At first, I wasn’t going to respond, but I’m tired of all the lies.

Before I begin, I’d like to point out an error in this newspaper’s information on the previous FLDS prophet, Rulon Jeffs. He did not die in 1998 as printed. He suffered a severe debilitating stroke in 1998 that left him mentally incapacitated. He actually died in September, 2002.

I would like to ask this anonymous FLDS lady some questions of my own and point out some inconsistencies in her answers to Mike Weland’s questions, anonymously, of course. This will follow the flow of her article printed January 12, 2005 in this newspaper.

First of all, why do we have to speak in anonymity? If we were truly free, couldn’t we just speak our minds openly and not have to face the severe repercussions of free speech in the FLDS religion, repercussions such as losing our families, homes, businesses and our standing in the community.

You sound positive that Flora’s childhood was nothing as she described in an article printed 12/21/04 in this same newspaper titled, “Woman Who Escaped FLDS Paints Terrifying Picture.” Are you absolutely sure that Flora told you everything that was happening in her life when you were children, including her deepest secrets that she could have been afraid to tell? I think that only God and those personally involved really know the truth. I do know that Flora’s father was kicked out of the FLDS religion by Warren quite some time ago. I heard it had something to do with Flora being molested as a young girl by him, but maybe that was wrong, as you seem to believe that Flora had a great childhood.

I believe you truly do love your children and if you knew of atrocities practiced by individuals you thought were practicing their religion, your blood indeed, would run cold. I assure you that you obviously were not exposed to all that went on in Colorado City and Hildale where you were raised. I was raised there as well and I know some of what went on. My blood ran cold, but I put my questions on the shelf, hoping understanding would come later, as we are told to do if we don’t understand something at the moment. Then I tried to forget about it.

Concerning Flora’s referral to “perfect obedience,” I would like to ask the anonymous person if she can honestly say she’s never heard anyone in the FLDS religion say that, “If the prophet told me to, I would obediently take the lives of even my own family or someone else.”

If you have never heard that statement, or one similar to it, you were raised in an even more sheltered family than I was. I would also dare say that your family was not strongly converted to the FLDS religion. You are well aware that absolute and total obedience in all things to our infallible prophet is a requirement of our religion. How else can such horrible atrocities such as the Mountain Meadows Massacre occur? Those responsible for that crime were normal, totally obedient, Mormon men who slew all those unarmed men, women and children. They obediently saved and raised as their own, 16 or 17 of the youngest children who were under the age of accountability, which by Mormon standards is eight years old.

You say you don’t know why there is increasing attention of the law and media being directed at us and feel it is due to the unfounded ranting of dissidents. This number is climbing fast, but wouldn’t you agree that thousands of men, women and children being torn apart from each other for life and hundreds of young men being kicked out and ostracized from their families and religion, is news worthy?

Perhaps you’d like to claim ignorance as to the magnitude that this has reached or hope that these, I’ll quote you, “generally hard working, devout, and industrious” people must have done something to deserve having their families ripped apart, because the prophet said that it was God’s will it be done. Can you name just one of these recent incidents during the ethnic cleansing that Warren is doing where the accused person was allowed even a church trial to face their accusers or the accusations brought against them?

You say that three of your brothers chose to leave the work and that you respect their choice in this. That is extremely commendable on your part, considering your religious background. Suppose your brothers, whom you dearly loved as you were growing up, were somehow able to overcome the almost insurmountable difficulties facing them, and make a good life for themselves in the outside world, will you still have an interest in their welfare and forgive them for leaving? Would you give unconditional love to your blood brothers, for who they are and what they have accomplished in building a new life? Will you be tolerant of their religious beliefs and allow them to reciprocate provided it does not infringe upon the rights of others? Would you let your religious beliefs separate the familial bonds within your tight knit family?

You wouldn’t tell them that you respect their choice, but because they chose the wrong religion, and I chose the right one, we no longer have anything in common, would you? I know that if you were to keep your standing in this church, you would be told to ostracize them. You would be told to tell them that you no longer wish to associate with them or their children. This quote from a devout and hard working FLDS father to his son that chose to leave the work seems applicable here. He said, “Son, I don’t want to ever see you here again, I don’t even want to see your truck in my driveway. That is grounds for me to be kicked out, lately.”

Correct me if I am wrong.

Concerning your not personally knowing anyone who was married before the age of sixteen is a pretty hard pill for me to swallow, because I was raised in the same community you were. I well know how common female marriages under the age of sixteen years old are and for you to be entirely oblivious of that knowledge really stretches your credibility, in my opinion.

I’ve never heard of anyone in this community living a life that screened from reality. That statement is almost on a par with you saying that you “personally know of no one who is receiving assistance (referring to government welfare assistance) as a single mother who is not indeed a single mother.”

That statement was a direct insult to the intelligence of the readers. You’re asking them to believe you were born, grew to adulthood, married and raised children until at least thirteen years old in the FLDS religion and in all that time you never, not even once, saw one woman you recognized with children purchasing food at the only store in town with government food stamps who was not the first and legal wife.

I’ll have to call you on the carpet for that statement.

In the previous paragraph of your quote that I’m addressing here, you were explaining some FLDS rules and you said your brother had been excommunicated for committing adultery and that sex outside of marriage is not permitted.

Now you’re asking the readers to believe that the hundreds of FLDS women (that I know are married as plural wives, but not legally) collecting government food stamps for their thousands of children are just a bunch of fornicators that don’t believe in birth control? That you were not aware that anyone, besides true single mothers, was on food stamps? Please.

In 2002, 78% of Colorado City residents were on food stamps. (Source: Arizona Department of Economic Security).

From my experience, with very few exceptions, the only single mothers with or without children in the FLDS religion are those whose husbands were recently excommunicated and those single women are just in a short transitory phase between their next husband and their next and so on. This is a form of polyandry, which we were taught by Uncle Roy while we were growing up was wicked and evil, along with sons marrying their mothers.

Currently, I believe the record, at least for the moment, is now held by a woman who is on her fifth husband. Many women are on their fourth husband, their previous husbands having been kicked out of the FLDS religion for reasons most don’t know or understand.

Warren won’t answer the letters of repentance that he told them to write so both wives and husbands remain in the dark as to why they were separated. One woman, who had been passed around to several different husbands, said “I feel like a priesthood whore.” Another woman, who is still in the honeymoon phase of marriage to her second husband after the first was excommunicated, was heard to say, “This is kind of fun. I wonder what my next husband will be like?”

The readers would do well to remember that in most of these cases little children are being bounced around from father to father until the little girls hit their teenage years, then they are often married to whatever father their mother is currently assigned to. Even worse cases can be found when a woman is allowed to stay with her assigned husband long enough that her two year old daughter, which she already had when she was reassigned to her current husband, is raised for twelve years and at fourteen years old or so she is married as a plural wife with her mother, to the only man she ever remembers as a father.

A high percentage of the little boys caught up in this sick mess of “Velcro” marriages are kicked out or pressured out of the FLDS religion at about the age of fourteen to sixteen years old. That’s about the age that they start seriously looking at the opposite sex and visa versa. Some young men who do stay loyal, even after being “earmarked” to leave, sometimes have to wait until they are in their thirties to be married, and they are still virgins.

Now, that is belief and dedication to what they are brainwashed into believing from the day they are born.

I can understand your having almost no real knowledge concerning the inner workings of the UEP trust. That’s been kept secret from all of us. I do find it amusing that you believe Winston Blackmore died, as you said that dying was the traditional way the trust officers are replaced and he has definitely been replaced. Are you aware that Uncle Fred, another long time trustee who didn’t die, was also taken off the UEP Board of Trustees as well? Probably not.

Concerning Warren being a child molester: That remains to be proven in a court of law whether he committed sodomy and is a pedophile or not. I do know you are aware that the government has proof of many young girls that have produced children under the age of eighteen and that Warren Jeffs is listed as the father. I’m sure that doesn’t count to you, though, because those particular underage girls had a prior marriage ceremony. You said, “The people would never follow a man who had committed such crimes. Men who commit such crimes are excommunicated.”

I’m sure you were referring to sodomy or pedophilia without a marriage ceremony and what you meant to say was that the people would never knowingly follow such a man and that men who are caught or confess are excommunicated.

In my opinion, you should also have added “jailed for their crimes.”

Long before he claimed to be a prophet, I found out Warren had been kicked out of his father’s house as a teenager for molesting little boys and committing immoral acts with his little sisters. I figured that if Uncle Rulon (his father and my prophet, seer and revelator) could forgive him and allow him another chance, then so could I. I thought that no one was perfect and that everyone has need of repentance for past mistakes.

If it’s proven, in a legal court of law, that Warren did in fact not truly repent of his past sins, but just got better at hiding them, I wonder if you will still blindly find a way to continue following him to total ruin or will you wake up to the reality of the situation?

A lot is at stake for you in these court cases, isn’t there?

It is most likely that you will never know the truth concerning how the court cases actually turn out. I know it is being extensively taught now that we shouldn’t be paying any attention to the news and if we, by any chance, hear or read anything that can be construed as being negative about the religion or Warren, we are to immediately shut it out or quit reading because it is “just the devil spreading his lies.”

You may not be aware of the word going all around Colorado City that Warren wrote a letter to the judge claiming innocence of sodomizing his nephew as a little boy, but that he didn’t want to fight the boy’s father (Warren’s brother) and would rather pay what they were asking for rather than show up in court to defend his claimed innocence.

What kind of a person, besides Michael Jackson, has a couple of million dollars to give to every one coming along that claims he sexually molested them? I personally hope the judge hears the case in court rather than allowing it to be settled in that manner.

Speaking from my experience, you will have to come to a pretty humble position to be able to admit when you were wrong, pick up the pieces of your life, and move on. One thing I admit about our religion is that we have an incredible amount of pride in it and will almost never admit we could be wrong. We’re absolute artists at being able to take a prophesy that didn’t come true and bend it around like a pretzel until it has some semblance of perceived truth long enough so we can put it on the shelf to gather dust and forget about it. Usually we are able to convince ourselves and we are told that it’s our “lack of faith” when prophecies not coming true, such as California eminently being destroyed or the Mormon Church being destroyed, or that the final destructions have begun and this land is about to be wiped clean of its inhabitants except the worthy who are to be lifted up and spared.

Samples of other prophecies would be that the Olympics would never be held in Utah because Salt Lake City was going to be destroyed first. Another is that all those freeways they were building would never be used.

At that time, Warren told every single, obedient “saint” in Salt Lake City to quit their jobs, shut down their businesses, (or bring them, if possible), drop everything and move down to Colorado City with their families immediately to avoid being killed as Salt Lake City is being destroyed (this massive migration of FLDS saints was accomplished in about 30 days). He then read, in meeting, a list of Utah counties that were also to be annihilated prior to the Olympics. He said that we were not to drive through nor visit any of those counties. We were to drive the long way around if we needed to visit Colorado City and were to come back home the same way. This literally added hundreds of extra miles and hours to our trip, and all for nothing.

How come those prophecies didn’t materialize?

How about when our “prophet” said that God had told him he would live 350 years into the millennium and that was the reason he said no more apostles needed to be ordained? Our prophet said that “all he needed was the bishop, Uncle Fred, as a helper, because he was one with him in all things.

And he said that because of the need for Uncle Fred, that God had also told him that Uncle Fred was to live 350 years into the millennium as well.

I was a personal witness when Uncle Rulon had Warren publicly confirm God’s promise upon Uncle Fred’s head with a blessing. Our “prophet” said he no longer needed to ordain a chain of command and that there would be no prophets after him.

“I am the last one.”

He said he would personally hand over the control of the church to Jesus Christ Himself who would then reign, as was his right, throughout the remainder of the millennium. I would like to hear your answer as to why this prophecy didn’t come true, but I’m going to break your first obvious pretzel to make this prophecy work, and that is that you might think the millennium actually started 350 years ago or so, and that Uncle Rulon did hand over our church’s control “in a secret ceremony” to Warren who does claim he is Jesus Christ returned.

Although this makes some sort of convoluted sense to those in really desperate need, remember when Uncle Rulon, at the next meeting after the April conference of 2002, said, “I forgot to tell you last week, that April 6 was the first day of the millennium.”

So, not using the above excuse as to why none of this came true, can you tell me why you believe Warren when he says he is the one and only prophet and mouthpiece of God to us now, and also believe Uncle Rulon was the one and only prophet of God in his time?

News update: In December 2003, Warren publicly removed Uncle Fred’s supposedly renewing body from the bishopric which he had held for scores of years. Uncle Fred’s mind was already numb with the antidepressant Zoloft, which he had been put on ever since Uncle Rulon died. Uncle Fred was shocked when Uncle Rulon died and by way of explanation to the people, he said, “No one knew that the renewal of Uncle Rulon was to be done in this manner.” We were all told by Warren, and I know Uncle Fred and Uncle Rulon believed that their renewal was to be literal both physically and mentally and on this earth.

Warren has never been accurate about anything significant that he has prophesied. Here are just a couple of examples of prophecies from Uncle Roy that seem to be coming true so you can see the difference between them. Remember when Uncle Roy said, “I’ve been up with the Lord all night and there will be no more evictions from off of the U.E.P. From now on the Lord will fight our battles. The apostates will get discouraged and leave this place and they won’t even know why.”

I realize that Uncle Roy was referring to what are now called “The Centennial Park Group” when he made that prophecy. I could see where you, with a little tweaking, could point to that as a legitimate prophecy coming true. Wouldn’t you like to hear some of the excuses from some of the “Warrenites” who are “leaving this place” as to why they are leaving Colorado City for Warren’s compounds in other states. Do they have any real good idea?

How about when Uncle Roy prophesied, “The officers would stand guard at the door of our meeting house and not allow the meetings to continue.”

I realize that Uncle Roy was referring to state police officers when he said that. I’m sure he had no idea he would be so accurate about describing Warren stopping most of the meetings and placing guards at all the meeting house doors, only allowing those cleared by himself to enter the meeting hall to partake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our meeting houses now have surveillance cameras everywhere to help “Joseph Smith and Uncle Rulon” (who Warren says report to him everyday) keep track of the “saints.”

For your information, Warren also has a network of spies that report to him through his newly appointed chain of command. You would be surprised as to who they are. They are told to report everything that they hear about anybody, whether it is based on facts or not. Warren then “takes it up with the Lord” to determine the truth of the story.

If Warren is a true prophet of God, as he claims he is, why didn’t he predict this latest Tsunami and give us some details about this world disaster, such as the date it would occur, the approximate number of dead, and the way the world would come together to help and support the victims?

This question should go out to all supposed prophets who are claiming to talk to God. Warren had plenty to say after the fact.

You would have to admit that if you had questioned, and Warren’s spy ring found it out, the truth of anything Uncle Rulon said about his and Uncle Fred’s renewal, you would have immediately lost your family and home and would have been excommunicated from the FLDS church. Also your excommunication would have been assured had you questioned whether Uncle Rulon could be wrong when he said that all of his young wives that so desperately wanted to have and raise children, would be barren no longer.

Uncle Rulon hadn’t produced children for twenty years with fertile ladies, but he said that was about to change because of his steadily renewing body. He said that God promised he would bless his young wives and make them fruitful and that they would have children within a year. He even had hand built wooden cradles made for each mother desiring motherhood. I’m positive that those believing young ladies were bewildered as the cradles they had so anticipated being filled with their happy, bubbly babies, remained empty year after year.

Perhaps Uncle Rulon’s young wives were finally consoled when Warren reported, very shortly after his father’s death, that Uncle Rulon said through the veil that he would still lead us back to Jackson County, Missouri, to build the temple and redeem Zion. He also told his ladies, through Warren, that he would go a little ways ahead, get his body renewed, and then he would return, renewed, to be a husband to them, father to their children, and a leader to this people.

My, how things change!

How have you been able to come to terms with these prophecies not being fulfilled, or have you shelved and conveniently forgotten them?

Since you are answering questions from your “personal knowledge,” how do you personally reconcile what Uncle Rulon said God promised him about his renewal with what happened in reality when Uncle Rulon died on September 8, 2002?

At the funeral, Warren had his father’s easy chair placed in its normal spot on the stand and propped his father’s photograph on the chair for all to see. Warren, as first counselor to the prophet, sat at the right hand of the photo, and Uncle Fred, as second counselor, sat at the left, both in their customary spots. On the floor below the pulpit in the customary spot normally reserved for the dead, Uncle Rulon’s lifeless body lay in the casket, not renewed by any means, as we were told it would be.

You claim you are college educated. Kindly please tell me what you were really thinking when Warren stood up and said, “Father is presiding over this funeral and Uncle Fred is conducting.” Later in the funeral, Warren stood in as speaker for his father, just as it is stated in the funeral program. Three days earlier, he had said, “Our prophet is not dead, just in the other room. He will continue speaking to this people through me.”

Again, in priesthood meeting on the following Sunday, Uncle Rulon’s photograph was again exhibited on his empty easy chair and Warren said again, that his father was presiding over this Priesthood meeting. By the general meeting in the afternoon, Warren had “lost” the photograph and sat himself in his father’s chair. I guess Warren decided that it was time to begin weaning this people off the previous prophet.

Please give me the name of the college where you were educated at as I need to know where not to send my children for their advanced education.

Let me caution you to be careful how you answer the above question about Uncle Rulon presiding over his own funeral and this work, as Warren claims he is. The reason is one man I know who dared ask Warren a similar question had a real bad experience. Not too many months after Uncle Rulon died, he asked Warren, “How can you be the new prophet, as you claim, when you also said, ‘Uncle Rulon is still the current prophet and he is alive and well in another room and he is directing this work personally?'”

Warren replied, “We are both jointly governing this people.”

The man said, “Well, that sure blows the hell out of the ‘one man rule doctrine,’ doesn’t it?” Warren angrily said, “We are not a questioning society and I can tell by the spirit of discernment that you have a contentious spirit.” Warren them promptly excommunicated the man and told him to leave UEP land immediately.

The man obediently did as he was told; leaving all he held dear and had built up all his life, and all this simply because of a question he dared ask that only had a lie for an answer. For the readers who don’t understand the “one man rule doctrine” you can find this quote by Joseph Smith in the 132 Section of the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants, verse 7. The verse is about only “one man” having total control of all things both temporal and spiritual concerning the lives of the believers” €¦ and “there is never but one man on the earth at a time on whom this power, and the keys of this priesthood, is conferred.”

This one-man rule and his infallibility is pounded into our heads daily from birth. For the full impact of this statement, the readers should read the full section.

I’m curious to know what you thought when Uncle Rulon died on Sunday and early on Monday morning Warren said, “I will work with Uncle Fred as one, but I will not reveal all at this time. I will say, by the request of Uncle Rulon, (from the other side of the veil) that I am to be counselor to father’s ladies. I say one thing now to all Israel, Hands off Father’s wives! They will carry on as if Father is here and alive. I do not aspire to any position. The time will now hasten for the final scene (referring to the total destruction of this land and the lifting up of the righteous) though much faster, now. Don’t fear or doubt the work of the Lord. I yearn for the Lord to heal and renew Uncle Fred. We didn’t know Uncle Rulon would be renewed this way. Don’t break away or doubt this religion.”

I find it interesting that Warren claims he didn’t know Uncle Rulon would be renewed by death but now that he knows renewal means death, he yearns for Uncle Fred to be “renewed.”

My simple, uneducated guess is that Uncle Fred is a stumbling block in the path of a man who does “not aspire to any position.”

We buried Uncle Rulon on Thursday and Warren married his choice of his mothers on Friday.

Can you imagine what Uncle Rulon’s newly bereaved widows were thinking as their son, Warren, climbed into their matrimonial beds to consummate the marriages?

He said to the ladies, “If this makes you uncomfortable, just close your eyes and pretend it is Father doing this to you.”

This is a quote from some of Uncle Rulon’s wives who have talked.

This talking is precisely why it’s imperative for Warren to get the people separated and isolated into different compounds to keep control of their minds. People that converse with one another are dangerous to Warren’s plan. That’s why last year, when Warren kicked twenty men, including half of the leading Barlows and four of his own older brothers, simultaneously, out of Colorado City. He had the people fast for two days instead of the normal one day, and he told all the elders not to talk to one another at all. It was so important that the elders be kept away from each other that Warren shut down the work projects for those two consecutive fast days. Warren must have figured that by keeping the people hungry, it would keep their minds on food and off what just happened.

Then he could isolate them, divide them, and conquer them.

Please don’t insult my intelligence by saying, that, by the spirit of God, you knew all along that these things would transpire in this manner, as some do now. This whole situation rocked, to the very core, the soul of every true believer.

I was there and witnessed it and am still witnessing the amazing ability of our people to twist and bend the truth into every configuration imaginable so they can believe in the work and still follow Warren, which, to me, is the same as believing a lie and being damned. To the outstanding credit of the individual imagination of this people, I’ve never yet heard two stories that corroborated the same on the details as to how Warren became prophet, seer, and revelator with no previous ordination, not to mention husband to his own mothers.

I attribute this to the fact that Warren has cut off most of the public meetings and hasn’t yet got the official platform of the new “party line” built yet. It’s a work in progress that is continually changing, although I was taught when growing up, as you were, that the Lord’s Work is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Is this chaos the Lord’s Work?

Concerning you not believing racism is in the FLDS religion: Please tell me what kind of taste is left in your mouth after reading just a small sampling of quotes from your own prophet, Warren Jeffs?

If you don’t believe it, I invite you to look this sermon up in your own books.

These quotes are from a sermon that was given by Warren Jeffs in Sandy, Utah, January 3, 1999. “The Lord preserved the black race, when he could have wiped them off the earth and not allowed them to continue. The devil needed a family on the earth to use, just like the Lord needed the family of Israel or of Abraham. The black race are the people through which the devil has always been able to bring evil unto the earth. He knows if the people marry the black race, the whites will no longer be white. They will partake of the curse of the blacks.”

He goes on to say, “Through the Negro race, the devil has kept evil alive. In this priesthood work we marry only by revelation. If a person marries a Negro, then they have the curse upon them. If you marry a person who had connections with a Negro, you will become cursed. You might partake of the curse. Only marriage by appointment in this priesthood is accepted.”

Warren later in the sermon goes on to say, “The Indians are a part of the family of Israel. They will one day be white and will one day have their blessings. Any of you who are Uncle Roy’s descendants or the Steed’s, many people in this room, have Indian blood in them, and you see their skin is white. The Indian’s skin will be turned white when they are faithful.”

If you dare look at another point of view as to whether the Indians are a part of the family of Israel, on any “evil” internet search engine type in “Mormonism and Native American DNA.”

Uncle Roy was the FLDS prophet prior to Uncle Rulon. He died Nov. 25, 1986.

Marilyn Steed is Warren’s mother, who has Indian blood in her, which is “sanctified” now that Warren has proclaimed himself prophet. Warren’s skin is very white, but I don’t think it is because he is particularly faithful. I think it’s because he is so scared to be seen in daylight that he stays indoors during the day and comes out at night under cover of darkness.

Many of the marriages which Warren performs take place at night between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Darkness is Warren’s friend.

Further on in the same sermon, Warren says, “When the Mormon Church joined together and all the people voted with the raise of hands that they could do what Spencer Kimball said and let the Negro be among them, that whole Mormon Church had the curse of the Negro put upon them and that’s why they are called ‘the great and abominable church, the most wicked church on earth.'”

Further on he says, “You can just go to the store and see whites and blacks together, you must not be like this, and that’s the warning I wanted to give you to day.” He then said, “All churches have joined together and are doing what the Mormon Church is doing in today’s world. All churches have done the same.”

I could go on and on about FLDS racism, but it just gets worse and worse and it’s making me ill. Besides that, someone may accuse me of trying to use this newspaper to convert members of the Aryan Nation to “Warrenism.”

You said, and I quote, “We do not believe we are superior to other races, we are all God’s children.”

Dear Lady, you are confusing the hell out of my simple mind. If what I have quoted from your prophet, Warren Jeffs, is not racism, would you kindly clarify to me what racism is?

In this article, I’ve told of some of the inner workings of the FLDS church that are private and sacred. I’m sure now that you are going to have to join in a special prayer for God to execute me, as you have done in the past towards other individually named apostates. I’m telling you, Warren Jeffs no longer has power over my mind.

I have released myself from his control.

If he figures out who I am and has me killed (blood atonement) for telling church secrets, at least I die free and that can’t be taken from me. To be honest with you though, I’m not yet ready for Warren’s idea of “renewal.” I love my family.

For your own safety, I hope you were intelligent enough to be lying when you gave all those clues in that article as to who you really are to throw Warren’s hounds off of the scent.

I don’t seriously want to know who you are. I am uneducated. I was told I couldn’t go to high school or to college. Based on an eighth grade educated guess, from some of the clues, hopefully false, that you gave, you probably don’t really believe Warren is a prophet of God as he claims.

I know, because Warren told us more times than either of us can count not to contact or speak to the press as you just did. I’m sure he’s afraid the press may ask some tough and leading questions and they won’t take kindly to being lied to.

Warren also said that his dead father Rulon Jeffs and Joseph Smith personally report daily to him about the entire goings on among the people.

By going to the press you are, consciously or not, testing Warren to see if he is a true prophet as he claims and if his dead father and Joseph Smith are really going to tell on you.

I well remember the first time I recorded a conversation with Warren to test him. He had no idea I was recording, and after that first initial recorded conversation, I had no problem doing it many times.

What a feeling of freedom, knowing, and not merely believing, that I had absolute knowledge that Warren was a false prophet. Eventually, you will know the truth and the truth will also set you free.

I hope you don’t get feeling all guilty and go confess to Warren or his minions about you going to the press. If you do, you will be caught up again in his web of lies and deceit. I can see you are breaking free of Warren’s bonds by “disobediently” speaking to the press in the first place.

Through other clues that you gave, I think you are about 35 years old, outspoken, attractive, committed to a cause you believe in. You were probably raised down south and sent up here to marry a man you had seen and perhaps talked to once or twice. You live monogamously because your husband hasn’t played his politics sufficiently and he’s on the outside edges of the work.

He is also on the list to be kicked out, just as soon as Warren is done sucking his life’s blood out of him. Because of things you said in your article, I believe you have had no real experience in polygamy. I believe your father is also most likely a monogamist who came from a prominent polygamist family. I also believe that your father is already kicked out of the FLDS religion or soon will be.

He’s way too open minded to be a good Warrenite if he really was going to allow you to go to modeling school as you said in your article. He has instilled some free thinking ideas into some of his children, such as yourself. I think most, if not all, of the males in your immediate family have either left or were kicked out of the work because they came to the realization that they were going nowhere here. They also have received some free thinking ideas from their father, although he perhaps hadn’t purposely tried to teach them that way.

I would say that you either didn’t go to church very much or were there in body only. You appear to have a very shallow working knowledge of your own religion and don’t study your scriptures much, and I think neither does your husband. You probably read some current Warrenite propaganda, but stay away from any real deep thought that might take you out of your comfort zone.

Also, I believe that you and your husband have “fun” in your marriage and you know what I’m talking about. You and your husband most likely secretly enjoy a little alcohol, as did your father, even though you know you will be excommunicated if you are caught by Warren’s spies.

You’re not a very good racist and deep in your heart, you have a shelf full of questions that you don’t dare ask or don’t truly want to know the answers to. I believe that your family, most likely, live hand to mouth because your husband is investing most of the family income into “Warrenism” hoping to get other wives and have his family chosen to go to Zion.

I’m sure you are aware by now that Warren’s new Zion is in Texas, although this was denied and kept secret by his close, chosen followers for a long time. For the last 170 years we were taught that we were to go back to Jackson County, Missouri, and redeem Zion.

Two Mormon prophets that I know of specifically said Zion is not in Texas. That would be Brigham Young and Leroy S. Johnson.

For years, Warren has sucked the resources out of the UEP and invested the money through the names of private individuals into the Texas and other compounds, as well as bank accounts accessed by himself. Warren will really be up a creek without a paddle if those individuals whose names are on the property wake up to the fact that he is a fraud and crook and do unto him as he is doing unto us.

Please tell your husband for me that the price for the ticket to Zion he’s trying to purchase from Warren is never ending and goes nowhere.

I believe you already know in your heart that when your husband gets kicked out, you are planning on going with him, in spite of the frustration you sometimes feel towards him. I would be really surprised if you and your husband had what it takes to call Warren on his B.S. and stay in your home.

Instead of moving out and giving your home to Warren, as so many have already obediently done, you can beat him in court by using the “Unjust Enrichment Law” and stay in the home you have. I would say you and your husband are decent, hardworking and loving parents with high ideals and dreams for you and your children such as going to college, though that’s not likely to happen as Warren has real strong ideas about “children born in the covenant being contaminated by the gentile way of thinking.”

As with all tyrants, he feels deeply threatened by educated people. Sometimes they tend to speak out at inopportune times.

You had better hope and pray that “the unfounded ranting of dissidents” keep Warren and his henchmen so busy that he doesn’t find the time to ferret you and your family out. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to do, you know, unless you were smart enough to lie about your personal story and don’t confess the “sin of talking to the press.”

If I’m wrong about anything, even if it’s only one thing that I’ve said, let’s use this newspaper to debate it. This could be done anonymously, of course.

But if you truly are afraid of Warren and the law of blood atonement, you had better “lie low,” aye.

Nameless and Still Alive

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Feb. 25, 2005
Mike Weland

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