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Vampire killer Tracey Wigginton wins parole, expected to be free in weeks

Australia’s “lesbian vampire killer” Tracey Wigginton, who stabbed a man to death and drank his blood, is expected to be released from prison within weeks after an independent parole board decision.

The Courier-Mail says

Wigginton has been in jail since 1991, serving a life sentence for the infamous 1989 stabbing murder of Brisbane council worker Edward Baldock, 47.

Wigginton, along with three other women, lured Baldock into a car at Kangaroo Point and took him to a riverside park in West End, where she stabbed him 27 times.

One of Wigginton’s co-accused said the self-proclaimed vampire then drank the victim’s blood because of her “need to feed”.

Wigginton’s lover, Lisa Ptaschinski, served served 17 years in prison for the murder before she was released in 2008.

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