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These articles address Scientology, the Church of Scientology, and its related entities.

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Monday March 31, 2014
RNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
Television journalist Mark Bunker has been working on a feature-length, professional-produced documentary film that exposes the abusive practices of the Church of Scientology.

The film is almost ready for release.

Friday March 21, 2014
Religion News Briefs:
There has been some speculation that the death of hate preacher Fred Phelps will spell the end of the hate group he founded.

That may be a case of wishful thinking, especially when you take into account that Phelps was excommunicated from the church after a power-struggle in August, 2013.

Also inside: A Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist monk, a Hindu and a Taoist priest get together — and its not a joke.

Plus: help make an anti-Scientology cult conference possible; and more…

Monday March 17, 2014
Religion News Briefs:
Jailed FLDS cult leader Warren Jeffs is hospitalized. A mother convicted together with her husband for the faith healing death of their young son starts her prison sentence.

Also: Fred Phelps, the founder the Westboro Baptist Church is near death (and was reportedly excommunicated from the hate group).

Plus: Pilgrims are drawn to a glowing Virgin Mary statue . And more….

Sunday March 16, 2014
RNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
The so-called Church of Scientology is based on the fantasies and unethical ideas of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

His ‘Disconnection’ policy — in which friends and families are ruthlessly ripped apart — is a huge embarrassment for the cult.

Sunday February 23, 2014
Religion News Briefs:
The ‘Church’ of Scientology, among other things known for tearing relationships apart, is delighted that two of its members in the UK have finally been able to marry in one of the cult’s ‘chapels.’

We also highlight a couple of other cases in which human rights and religious freedom interact.

Thursday February 6, 2014
Religion News Briefs:
Inside this issue of Religion News Briefs: items on Scientology, the International Cultic Studies Association, the Plymouth Brethren (which you know as the Exclusive Brethren), and more. Also: the Book of Mormon vs DNA. And Saudi Arabia’s religious police. As always we include a modicum of opinion, as well as links to research resources.

Monday December 16, 2013
RNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
Scientology Amsterdam, reportedly considered a ‘small and falining org’, has received financial help from the mother church in America in order to purchase a building destined to become an ‘Ideal Org.’

Ideal Orgs are seemingly designed to convey a sense of success and respectability — an uphill battle doomed to fail.

Tuesday December 3, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
You won’t believe what most nativity scenes in the Spanish district of Catalonia include — and this year around there’s a controversy to boot.

Some children have been confronted with ads for Scientology displayed on a games website.

And the controversial televangelist who, together with his wife, was the face of the world’s largest ‘Christian’ television network, has died.

Thursday November 21, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
A french bishop has acknowledged the issue of spiritual abuse in religious communities. Also: the Scientology cult has removed an illegal sign from a temporary building, but makes no promises.

Self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Brown, who notoriously claimed Amanda Berry was dead, has died.

Plus: Saudi Arabia’s religious police demonstrate the effects of religious insanity.

Tuesday November 12, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Why would a Zimbabwean prophet claim he can raise the dead? We provide some context to the story.

13-year-old Hana Williams was beaten and starved to death by deeply religious parents. It could happens to others as well.

Also: fake Christian weddings are popular in Japan. If you pollute the environment, forget about communion.

Plus: Christians and tattoos

Tuesday November 5, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
L. Ron Hubbard foresaw a day when followers of his fantasy religion would create a new world. The cult is almost ready to take on that challenge.

Propeties belonging to imprisoned cult leader Tony Alamo will be sold in order to pay two of his former victims. And like Alamo, cult leader Warren Jeffs still controls his followers from behind bars.

Also: The Child-Friendly Faith Project is holding a conference on child abuse occurring in faith communities and cultural groups.

Plus: Michelle Pfeiffer talks about her involvement in a cult.

Wednesday October 30, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
The City of Clearwater, which at one point was target for a take-over plot by the Church of Scientology, has told the cult to remove a massive sign from a temporary building.

Has the NSA violated the former pope’s privacy? Also, from our ‘You Call That Religion Reporting?’ file: the story about an ultra-conservative rabbi’s comments regarding soy products was not true.

Plus: a prominent evangelical leader says evangelicals should change tactics when it comes to their involvement in politics and the culture wars.

Thursday October 3, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Religious freedom is good and well, but who wants to support artists who donate to the Scientology cult?

Speaking of which: Actress Leah Remini, who recently left Scientology, will give a deposition in a Scientology harassment lawsuit.

Plus: information about the International Cultic Studies Association, and… don’t shoot at Jehovah’s Witnesses

Thursday September 26, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Benny Hinn and his traveling money machine were in Pittsburgh. Here’s why you shouldn’t fall for the scheme.

Scientology and money also go hand in hand. By why exactly did they buy that building?

Speaking of Scientology: Like the cult itself , Narconon, a drug rehab organization that uses treatments based on L. Ron Hubbard’s quackery is sinking deeper into problems.

Tuesday August 27, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Among today’s religion news briefs: a Canadian community tries to keep Scientology’s Narconon quacks from establishing a ‘drug rehab’ center.

A judge rules that a Jehovah’s Witness can be given blood if necessary.

Cult expert Steve Hassan talks with a representative of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, and with a survivor.

And read this before you donate clothes to Planet Aid.

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